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Do you speak Spanglish?

Spanglish is looking more and more like a new language. But do you know what the term really refers to? In this article we introduce this new dialect along with a mini-dictionary.

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Transcreation vs translation

Many have heard the word transcreation, but few know what it means. In this article we show how this skilled task differs from that of translation.

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How to promote your experience abroad?

You have spent a few months abroad and you want to promote this experience? In this article, we present you a few points you can emphasize.

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30/06/2016 -
About Translation

6 phrases that translators are tired of hearing

Lets see 6 phrases that translators can’t hear anymore.

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Translating your website: the key to success!

To become international, translating your website is essential. Let’s discover the different advantages of this strategic approach!

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5 criteria to choose a translation agency

If you want high quality results, you have to entrust your translation project to the right company. To do so, 5 criteria have to be taken into consideration when choosing your translation agency.

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Head of professional training at the Department of linguistics and translation: A multifaceted position

With her broad understanding of the translation industry, Dominique Bohbot takes us through her career in linguistics and her current responsibilities at the Department of Linguistics and Translation at the prestigious University of Montreal.

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Negotiating translation rates: 3 clients, 3 strategies

Every translator, beginner or experienced, has had to deal with a client who wants to negotiate translation prices. This article gives you some tips for defining your client’s profile, and adopting a strategy negotiating translation rates.