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At Cultures Connection, we handle all types of documents in many sectors, regardless of the file format.
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Quality document translation services

Your company, government agency, or school needs a document translation service? Located in the US, in France and in Argentina, Cultures Connection is a professional language service provider offering translation services in many fields and language pairs. Since 2007, we have been providing countless translation services to companies, governement agencies and international organizations worldwide. Our translation company selects the most suitable translators specific to each client needs in compliance with quality standards requirements and deadlines. Each time a client sends a new document to be translated to our translation company, our translators show the same great level of commitment. All of our linguists are languages lovers whose goal is to provide the best service in little time!

Specialized translations

Cultures Connection handles all your translation projects with accuracy regardless of the area of specialization and subject, in the United States and abroad. We provide quality translation services from and into English as well as numerous languages in the following areas:

Marketing translation: brochures, taglines, advertising materials, websites & online content, market research, press releases…;
Financial translation: annual reports, audit reports, mergers and acquisitions, balance sheets…;
Translations for international organizations: IMF, UN, European Union…;
Business translation: business plans, brochures, white papers, product sheets, catalogs…;
Beauty and Fashion translation: commercials, interviews, articles, fashion show programs, workshops, catalog, blogs;
Scientific translation: medical, environmental, virology, biotechnology…;
Technical translation: engineering texts, standards, patents, technical manuals, instructions…;
Medical translation: journals, conference reports, publications, clinical trial results…;
Legal translation: contracts, official and certified documents (birth certificates; official court documents; immigration files), terms and conditions, reports…;
Website translation: website localization –text, CMS or source code–;
Translations for museums, art institutes and science centers: leaflets, museum labels, posters, exhibition catalogs…;
Audiovisual translation: transcriptions, chronometer marking, translation and adaptation of subtitles…
Multilingual SEO translation: SEO optimized translations; SEO content writing in English, Spanish, French, etc.

Our professional translators

Who translates your documents? Our translation agency works with more than 740 professional translators who will provide you with quality translations. We carefully select translators on the basis of qualifications and experience, having at least a certificate in professional translation. In addition, translators are regularly tested in their field of specialization in order to follow their development and ensure continuity in the quality of their work. Finally, each translator specializes in a particular area (legal, medical, marketing, finance, economy …) and translates only into their native language. Our team is able to provide a certified translation if needed. Call on the talents of our skilled and certified translators to help with your documents in foreign languages!

The various file formats

Every industry that we work with generally uses specific file formats We are used to dealing with these different formats and we regularly work with the following:.doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .rtf, .ppt, .pptx, .pot, .potx, .pptm, .potm, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .xlsm, .xltm, .htm, .html, .idml (.indd), .zip, ….

With the use of innovative tools, we bring you added value by working fast and effectively on your documents in over 80 different language combinations at the best price. Request a translation quote to read what we have to offer!

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