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We provide professional translation and interpretation services in New York City and beyond.
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Quality translation agency in New York City

Are you looking for a reputable translation company in New York? If you need the best translation services, Cultures Connection is the right choice. We have a long history of providing quality translation services to our New York clients in every industry. We provide translations to international organizations such as the United Nations, and to Forbes global companies. Our clients want the best service, which is why we use a quality translation process that is reliable and efficient.

One of the characteristics that makes the city truly unique is how multicultural it is. The city is in the state that has the highest population density of all states and the fourth largest population in the United States, with almost 20 million inhabitants. The historic gateway for migration and nerve center of the world economy since the late nineteenth century boasts a wide range of traditions and languages.

To connect companies and government offices, Cultures Connection has offices in New York City. We provide translation and interpretation services, with a network of over 740 professionals around the world. Our translators work in areas as diverse as marketing, financial, IT, legal or medical translation, along with localization of video games and subtitling for audiovisual content. We follow the highest quality standards, in the shortest time possible, and at the best price.

The best choice from the United States to the world.

Professional translation services in many languages

Do you need translation services for a document, a website, a video or a software? In New York City, where over 700 languages are spoken, our translation company will provide all the translations you need for your business. Not everyone is fluent in English, Spanish or Chinese, the three most spoken languages in the Big Apple. In the home to international relations, with the most powerful national and international companies, a centre of influence for the world media and finance, and a global artistic meeting point, tons of translations are needed.

It’s the birthplace of two of the three national newspapers, and houses such magnificent art spaces as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Lincoln Center and the Broadway theaters.

NYC’s ethnic diversity is so great that each neighbourhood can be defined by the language that is spoken, such as Spanish, Italian, Yiddish, French and French Creole, Bengali, Arabic, Haitian or Hindi. Workers come from a multitude of countries, sharing their knowledge and arts. Besides yummy aromas coming from restaurants and bodegas, you can see posters in the streets in a dozen languages, and hear vibrant music of all kinds. In Chinatown, where the majority of residents are of Asian origin, you hear people speak Mandarin but also Cantonese, Shanghainese or Taishan.

New York’s linguistic variety is so large that the public library in Queens has a huge collection of works in over 40 languages, including some 40,000 books in Southeast Asian languages such as Bengali and Urdu.

Translation and localization services at its best

Translation is much more than moving a text from one language to another. Our professional translators are experts who can talk about their professional skills at length.

In short, our team of translators can tell you how translation involves a process of localization, during which the linguistic particularities, the local expressions, and the cultural references of the original language are detected, so as to translate them naturally and accurately into the language requested by our clients.

We work in a multicultural and multilingual environment. We have translators specialising in over 40 languages, who are selected for their expertise in clients’ fields of work. In the “City that never sleeps,” we fulfil your urgent requests quickly and efficiently. If you need a proofreading or a review of a translation, we offer this service as well.

Share your content to be translated with us, it will be in excellent hands with us. You can trust our team of skilled translators to deliver an outstanding translation service!

Tailored interpreting services in the Metropolis

Are you holding a meeting with your international partners who visit New York or a world press conference in the preeminent city of business? We can assist with oral translation, that is interpretation!

Cultures Connection provides quality conference, simultaneous and liaison interpretations in multiple languages. We supply the best interpreters –including certified linguists–, rigorously selected, based on their training and experience in the business, in the language to be interpreted, and in the subject matter required by our clients. A great work team in The Big Apple!

You don’t have the right equipment? We also offer a whole equipment for interpreting, i.e. if you need a booth or a headphone rental service.

Your events are in excellent hands with us.

FAQ Translation Agency NYC

FAQ Translation Agency NYC

A professional translation agency like Cultures Connection can usually translate a wide range of documents, including but not limited to: Legal documents –i.e. contracts, agreements, court documents, and patents–, technical documents –such as user manuals, product specifications, and software documentation–, marketing and business documents –i.e. reports, proposals, and presentations–, audiovisual content –including transcription and subtitles of videos–, medical documents –such as patient records, clinical trials, leaflets and medical reports–, academic documents, financial content and so on.
Make sure to check with the translation company to ensure that they can translate the specific type of document you need. Browse Cultures Connection’s website and check in our Translation rubric all the specialized translations that we offer, as well as localization services. You can check too our Interpreting rubric and our SEO rubric.
The cost of translation services can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the language pair, the type of document, the complexity of the subject matter, the number of words or pages, and the urgency of the project.
For more specialized documents –i.e. technical manuals or medical reports– the cost will likely be higher. Besides, if you need a certified translation, which may be required for legal or official documents, the cost can be higher. Some translation companies in NYC may also charge a minimum fee or a project fee.
Contact our team for a quote and tell us about your translation project!
As for translation services, multiple factors play a role in the cost of interpreting services: the language pair, the type of interpreting service required, the level of complexity, the duration of the assignment, the need for interpretation equipment, as well as the location. Due to transportation costs and other on-site expenses, in-person interpreting services are frequently more expensive than remote interpreting services, such as over-the-phone or video interpreting. Visit the interpreting rubric of our website that includes information on consecutive, conference or liaison interpretation, remote interpreting, and equipment rental options.
Each event or meeting is different, so contact our project managers to discuss your project! Ask us for a quote, we can suggest several solutions to meet your budget!