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Cultures Connection, the best translation agency in New York City

Did you know that over 700 languages ​​are spoken in New York City?

One of the characteristics that makes the city truly unique is its diversity. The city is in the state that has the highest population density of all states and the fourth largest population in the United States, with almost 20 million inhabitants. The historic gateway for migration movements and nerve centre of the world economy since the late nineteenth century, it boasts a wide range of cultures and languages.

To connect companies and institutions, Cultures Connection has offices in New York City and provides its translation and interpretation services, with a network of over 740 professionals around the world. Our work in areas as diverse as marketing, financial and medical translation, along with localisation of video games and subtitling for audiovisual products, is done to the very highest standards, in the shortest time possible, and at the best price.

The best choice from the United States to the world.

New York City, a melting pot of cultures and languages

New York City is truly a global city.

It’s home to international relations, an artistic meeting point and a centre of influence for the world media.

The buildings of the Big Apple are occupied by the most powerful national and international companies. The city hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Organisation, as well as the Wall Street and NASDAQ stock exchanges. It’s the birthplace of two of the three national newspapers, and houses such magnificent art spaces as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Lincoln Center and the Broadway theaters.

In New York City, there is no predominant nationality. The Endangered Languages association calculates that its ethnic diversity is so great that each neighbourhood can be defined by the language ​​that is spoken, such as Spanish, Italian or Hindi. It has shops with workers from a multitude of backgrounds, posters on public streets in a dozen languages, ​​and vibrant music of all kinds.

The city has its own Chinatown, where the majority of residents are of Asian origin, who not only speak Mandarin but also their different dialects such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Taishan. There is such a vast variety that the public library in Queens has a huge collection of works in over 40 languages, including some 40,000 books in Southeast Asian languages such as Bengali and Urdu.

A rightful world’s capital city.

Translation is our strength

Translation is much more than moving a text from one language to another.

It involves a process of localisation, in which the linguistic particularities, the local expressions, and the cultural references of the original language are detected, so as to translate them naturally into the language requested by our clients.

We work in a multicultural and multilingual environment. We have translators specialising in over 40 languages, who are selected for their expertise in clients’ fields of work. In the “City that never sleeps,” we fulfil your urgent requests quickly and efficiently.

Your documents are in excellent hands with us.

Great interpreters from the Metropolis

Would you like to hold an informal meeting with your international partners or a world press conference in the city of business par excellence?

Cultures Connection provides conference, simultaneous and liaison interpretations in multiple languages. We supply the best interpreters, rigorously selected, based on their training and experience in the business, in the language to be interpreted, and in the subject matter required by our clients. A great work team in The Big Apple!

You don’t have the right equipment? We also provide a booth and headphone rental service.

Your presentations are in excellent hands with us.