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Why use Culture Connection's interpretation equipment rental services?

Why use Culture Connection's interpretation equipment rental services?

Availing yourself of a full service offer that includes both interpretation and the necessary technical equipment from the same company ensures both aspects are handled properly and allows you to get the best results.
A full service offer of both interpretation and technical equipment saves you from having to coordinate between two different vendors when organizing the event you need interpreted.
The cost of a full service offer of interpreters and technical equipment tends to be less than the cost of obtaining both services separately from different vendors.

Technical equipment for high quality interpretation

Hiring one or more interpreters may not be the only step that you need to take to successfully host an event held in various languages. Conferences with large numbers of attendees will need soundproof booths, audio consoles, headphones, and microphones so that professionals can interpret simultaneously with speakers, allowing the audience to effortlessly hear presentations in their mother tongue. Guided visits to museums may require the use of portable (infoport) equipment to interpret for audiences who in various distance places from the interpreter. A press conference may require, at the least, microphones and an audio system for accurate transmission.

Renting the necessary equipment and hiring technical support to provide audio for interpretation services can be a headache for those unfamiliar with the industry. This is why Cultures Connection provides interpretation equipment rental services for international events, which can easily be adjusted to your budget and the requirements of your event. We offer a full suite of interpretation and equipment rental services of the highest quality to meet your needs without delay and at the best prices.

Non-mobile equipment

Non-mobile booths
If the premises where the event will be held has a booth for simultaneous translation, we ensure that the interpreters have a full set of the necessary equipment that meets ISO standards. The booth must be soundproof and offer suitable work conditions for the interpreters in terms of ventilation, illumination, and space. The booth will need to have individual lecterns and controls for each interpreter along with headphones, microphones, and reading lamps. The equipment installation and setup is handled by a technical support team.

Cabinas fijas

– Non-mobile transmitters, up to 32-channels
– Pocket transmitters, up to 32-channels
– Lectern microphones, 4 to 32 channels
– Handheld microphones, up to 32 channels
– Receivers, up to 32 channels
– Receiver headphones, 6 channels

Portable equipment

Portable booths
We can provide portable booths for locations that don’t already have them. These workspaces have similar features as the stationary booths. In this case, we ensure that high quality ISO-standard equipment is used. The booths must have proper lighting, ventilation and sufficient space to comfortably accommodate four interpreters (depending on the number of languages translated into and the topic of the event). In addition, our technical team will ensure that the booth is set up in the right place with the best visibility of the room, the speakers, and the presentation screen. Our translation booths are ideal for events with large numbers of attendees where simultaneous interpretation is needed.

Cabina portátil

– ISO standard
– Unit dimensions: 1.6 m x 1.6 m x 2 m
– Sections for one or two interpreters
– Expandable to accommodate three or four interpreters
– Soundproof sections
– Built-in ventilation

Cabina sobre mesa

– Unit dimensions: 69.5 cm x 69.5 cm x 25.6 cm
– Sections for one or two interpreters
– Soundproofing
– Tool-free assembly
– No technician required for assembly
– Low operating costs

Infoport portable kit
An “infoport” kit consists of a case with a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the listeners. The system is wireless (using infrared), and therefore requires no cables or technical support, and is easy to carry and use. This interpretation kit is ideal for events where simultaneous interpretation is needed for small groups or in small locations.

Infoport– 1 audio control unit
– Infrared reception system
– 1 microphone
– 20 headphones with receivers
– No technician required for assembly

Audio systems

The audio systems that we use for our simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services are designed with the latest technological innovations. The combination of audio controls, microphones, speakers and headphones for speakers and the audience are configured based on the type of event, the number of participants, and the size and layout of the room. The audio control system makes it possible to digitally control, using the infrared system, up to 32 audio inputs from the speaker to the audience (from the transmitters to the headphones). What does this mean? That we can handle up to 32 languages simultaneously!

Equipo de sonido– Control and power unit
– Amplifier
– Infrared reception system

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