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If you need a translation into Japanese, I strongly advise you to contact a professional Japanese translator, whose native language is Japanese and who has perfectly mastered Japanese culture. Japanese is far from being a simple language for English speakers to learn. The difficulties are diverse: in Japanese, sentences are formed very differently. In addition, in Japanese people rarely mention what they are talking about in sentences, they remain vague. For example, in English someone says “you walk”, the equivalent in Japanese would be “to walk”, the infinitive without a pronoun. Japanese people rarely address their audience with a pronoun (because it’s impolite), not to mention that there are numerous levels of politeness in Japanese. To summarize: always entrust your projects to a specialist!
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The third world economic power, Japan represents an ideal economic partner. Faced with the language barrier, more and more English-speaking businesses, large corporations and SMEs alike, are turning to Japanese translation services. Companies requesting English-Japanese or Japanese-English translations from Cultures Connection belong to high value-added business sectors such as nuclear, aeronautics, automobiles, electronics, agri-food, pharmaceutical products and even clothing.

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Japanese is a particularly complex language and only experienced translators will be able to convey its cultural and typographical subtleties. To enable you to benefit from quality translations, our project managers rigorously select translators of Japanese nationality who speak fluent English. We only recruit translators that have a degree recognized by the official authorities of their country and five years of experience in translation. To join our translation agency, they must pass a series of translation and language tests.

Cultures Connection guarantees you the best quality-to-price ratio thanks to our four tiers of translation services (Basic, Standard, Professional and Premium). Our team adapts to your requirements and guarantees the delivery of your translations from and into Japanese as quickly as possible, even in the case of rush translation services.

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