Buenos Aires

Our Translation Agency in Buenos Aires

Cultures Connection provides translation and interpretation services in Buenos Aires for all South America,
one of the markets with the greatest potential.

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Cultures Connection, the foremost translation agency in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an essential destination in South America.

One of the most monument packed and lively cities on the continent, it’s also a hub for international business. While its economic activity specialises in financial services, its diversity is so wide and there are so many possibilities for development that young and experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world are looking to the Argentine capital to drive their operations in the country.

Cultures Connection has offices in Buenos Aires, providing translation and interpretation services in 40 languages ​​and in multiple language combinations to private and public organisations operating throughout South America.

A challenging market demands a trusted voice.

Buenos Aires, a hub for international opportunities

Buenos Aires has the third most diversified economy for a city worldwide.

Over 20% of the six hundred thousand companies operating in Argentina are located in the capital, covering commercial and service activities. Its strategic position in a country and a continent with a multitude of opportunities in energy, industrial and financial development means that every year Buenos Aires attracts increasing numbers of young international professionals. And the numbers speak for themselves: 21.1% of the 1,805,957 foreigners living in the country, a country with the highest immigration in South America, live in Buenos Aires.

A large proportion of this population comes from countries in the region such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela, making for a majority Latino community. There have always been significant minority Spanish, Italian and French populations. There are also Asian and African sectors. This diversity has strongly moulded the identity of Buenos Aires throughout history.

In turn, Buenos Aires is one of the favourite destinations for tourists, thanks to its great range of cultural offerings, with museums, theatres, concerts and carnivals, welcoming 5.5 million visitors every year. The historic centre of the city with its political institutions and historic buildings, the San Telmo neighbourhood with its bohemian character, and La Boca with its immigrant heritage are just some of the must-sees for travel lovers. This brings with it a multitude of businesses working in hospitality, gastronomy and leisure.

It is a unique blend of cultures.

Translations for a market with great potential

Translation lets borders be crossed.

Cultures Connection has worked for over ten years in Buenos Aires, with document translation services in the widest variety of fields, with clients located throughout South America.

Together with an international network of over 740 professionals, selected for their immediate availability, training and experience in the required languages ​​and subjects, we pay great attention to linguistic particularities, the expressions of field of work, and the cultural references of the audience of the translations. Thus we guarantee understandable and accurate translations done by linguists who are native speakers of the target language.

Your documents are in excellent hands with us.

Quality interpreting in Buenos Aires

A technical talk by foreign specialists for a local audience? Managers of a multinational making an urgent visit to your subsidiary?

Cultures Connection provides conference, simultaneous and liaison interpreting services in multiple languages, ​​so that your meetings, large or small, in one or in several languages, simultaneously or over several days, are always successful.

We also provide the equipment so that interpretations, no matter where they are in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Latin America, have no technical problems that might be detrimental to their clear understanding.

Your presentations are in excellent hands with us.