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The company I work for exports its activities to Bulgaria. To enter this new market, many documents had to be translated (employment and distribution contracts, company statutes, etc.). Therefore I decided to entrust this work to a professional translation agency, Cultures Connection. I am very satisfied with their work and the quality of the translations. Their teams are very responsive and always respond with great professionalism. The relationship I have with the project manager and the speed of delivery means that I regularly call on this translation agency.
Janet, legal services, Telecommunications  -  Our client’s opinion

Professional Bulgarian Translation Services

If you want to export your business to Bulgaria, our translation agency is there to guide you through this process, which can be a real headache if you don’t know the translation world. At Cultures Connection, our project managers handle your documents, and deliver their work on time at competitive prices. Thanks to our four tiers of translation services (Basic, Standard, Professional and Premium), we are able to adapt to your budget, your needs and your deadline. Where possible, we also provide urgent translations.

Our Professional Bulgarian Translators

Bulgarian is a southern Slavic language spoken by 10 million speakers in Bulgaria, but also in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The use of the Cyrillic alphabet makes the translation exercise particularly complex. That’s why at Cultures Connection we make sure to select translators who are both competent and experienced. We check translators’ diplomas and experience before adding them to our database. In addition, we regularly test their skills. This effort to carefully monitor and control our translators’ profiles ensures the quality of our work. Moreover, all the professional translators with whom we collaborate are native speakers and have a great command of Bulgarian culture.

Our Translation Agency

Created in 2007, our translation has collaborated with clients from all over the world, from all fields (industry, international organizations, textiles, energy etc…). Cultures Connection offers various translation services, for example:

  • Bulgarian financial translation services
  • Bulgarian business translations services
  • Bulgarian scientific translation services
  • Bulgarian medical translation services
  • Bulgarian technical translation services
  • Bulgarian legal translation services
  • Bulgarian marketing translation services
  • Bulgarian website translation services
  • Bulgarian subtitling services
  • Bulgarian video game translation services
  • Fast translation services in Bulgarian
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