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Simultaneous translation or simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation, or conference interpretation, is sometimes erroneously called “simultaneous translation”. Whereas in fact, translation and interpretation are two very different services. Translation is strictly limited to written texts, while interpreting focuses on oral communication.

Conference interpreters services

Hosting multilingual events, be they meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc., present a variety of obstacles, the greatest of which are the languages and cultures of the participants. To address this challenge and ensure the success of your event, our interpretation agency offers services by qualified conference interpreters who can easily adjust to your needs.

We rely on an extensive network of interpreters rigorously selected based on their diploma, experience, and reliability. Cultures Connection is your provider of choice whenever you need interpreting services in Paris, Nice, Buenos Aires or any other geographical area. We also offer services in nearly 80 language pairs, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Croatian, Urdu, etc. Your participants will undoubtedly place high value on having access to all the event’s information in their native language.

Equipment needed for interpreting at conferences

Unlike consecutive interpreting, conference interpreting is intrinsically linked to the use of technology. The interpreter, seated in a soundproof booth, listens through headphones to a speech which they translate in real time. The listeners hear the interpreter through headsets. This type of interpretation is the most frequently used as its benefits in terms of time saved are indisputable.

Providing these services requires cabins, headsets, and microphones. We rent this equipment, which can be installed by a technical specialist if necessary.

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