Workshops for translators with Xosé Castro in Buenos Aires

Cultures Connection attended two translation workshops in Buenos Aires, organized by Decode Linguistic Solutions on April 26 and 27, which were led by the charismatic Xosé Castro Roig.

4 sources of marketing translation errors

When we think about marketing translation errors, it’s easy to imagine small companies that don’t have enough means to finance a marketing department or call on a quality translation agency. However, the reality is a little different: the biggest groups are responsible for the worst marketing translation mistakes. Error # 1: The challenge of transcription […]

French-English Translation: Gourmet Restaurant Menu

Find out all our language projects: translation, interpretation, subtitling, transcription…

French-English Translation: Communications Brochure

Thanks to the translation of a brochure from French into English, an event organisation agency was able to reach out to an target audience of businessmen who were participating in an energy forum.

Spanish-French Translation: Newsletter

Translation of a newsletter from Spanish into French for a Spanish company of cosmetics and perfumes.

English-Arabic Translation: Museum Brochure

Translation of an educational catalog from English into Arabic for a modern art museum in Luxembourg.

English-German Website Localization: E-commerce

Localization and translation of e-commerce platform from English into German for a leading global market solutions company.

English-Chinese Translation: HR Documents

Translation of a 15-page HR document from English into Chinese (Mandarin) for a major international pharmaceutical group.