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“Deutsche Sprache, Schwere Sprache” (“German language, difficult language”) is a German expression that acknowledges the complexity of this language. Indeed, German has many particularities to which English speakers are not accustomed. These include the neutral grammatical gender that does not exist in English, or even the four grammatical cases (nominative, accusative, dative and genitive) that define the role of the word in the sentence. Also, note that the order of the words in German is very different from that of English. In short, only a professional translator will be capable of taking on your German English translations with precision.
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The top economic power in Europe and the third worldwide, Germany is the champion of exports. At a time when German growth is surprising economists with its strength and dynamism, German companies are establishing themselves abroad more and more, particularly in the United States. Even if the use of German is not an essential criterion to work with our German friends, the translation of documents into German is nevertheless a significant advantage when it comes to trade negotiations and exchanging information.

Your German-speaking partners will doubtlessly appreciate this effort on your part, but it is crucial that your English-German translations are of impeccable quality to have the desired effect. Cultures Connection performs many translation projects in areas where German is commonly spoken (business, science, research, innovation, tourism, new technologies, etc.). In addition, numerous U.S. companies have subsidiaries in Germany, which is why German-English translations are among our most popular services.

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Do you need a German-English translator? An English-German translator? Why not contact our translation company? Cultures Connection works with experts in from-German and into-German translation with specialities in sectors as diverse as finance, marketing, medicine, aeronautics, information technology and the web. They are selected on the basis of their language skills and their formal education; they have at least five years of proven experience and are subject to regular tests.

In order to guarantee you the best quality-to-price ratio, our translation services are available in four tiers (Basic, Standard, Professional, and Premium). The Cultures Connection team adapts to your requirements and guarantees the delivery of your German translations as quickly as possible, even in the case of rush translation services.

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