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In my sector of activity, the legal field, the documents we process have heavy consequences. Each word has a legal value and an imprecise translation can cause very serious harm for my company. That’s why I had to choose our language service provider very carefully. I have been using Cultures Connection since 2010 because this translation agency offers high quality services at competitive prices, which is not the case for everyone in this sector. I have complete confidence in Cultures Connection. Whatever the document to be translated, I am confident that the translation will be completed on time and to the agreed quality standards.
Lucien, Lawyer for a Multinational  -  Our client’s opinion

Professional Greek Translation Services

Despite a decline in trade, Britain remains an important trading partner for Greece. Given the language barrier between these two languages, many British companies call on translation and interpretation services.

At Cultures Connection, we offer professional translation services in many sectors of activity such as legal and marketing. Whatever the type of document, we will handle your project with professionalism and we are committed to respecting the agreed deadlines. Greek translation services represent a significant volume of our business. Our translation agency also offers editing and proofreading services from and into Greek.

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Creating a translation from or to Greek is a complex process, and finding a qualified professional translator can be time-consuming. The Cultures Connection teams are there to guide you through the process and do everything possible to find the professional translator best suited to your request. All our providers are selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Moreover, they all specialize in a sector that they have perfectly mastered and translate only into their native language.

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Cultures Connection works with numerous clients in Britain and abroad, from all sectors (industry, services, international organizations, etc…).

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