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I have been the head of a company manufacturing spare parts for the automotive industry for 15 years now. We regularly collaborate with partners and clients in Pakistan. At first, I decided to send all of our documents in English, one of the country’s official languages. After a few months of collaboration, a friend advised me to translate them into Urdu. Our company's effort has been very well received by our clients. They all appreciate without exception that we take the trouble to communicate with them in that language. Cultures Connection accompanies us in these steps and delivers quality translations which allow us to maintain excellent relations with our partners and customers, while preserving our credibility. I highly recommend their translation services.
Benjamin, Entrepreneur, Automotive industry sector  -  Our client’s opinion

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Urdu is a language that is quite unknown by the general public in the West. However, more than 165 million people speak it, especially in India and Pakistan. Many people whose native language is Urdu also live in Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Qatar and France. There are potential clients who will appreciate having access to your content in their own language. On the Pakistani market, the main industries are textile, fertilizer, cement, oil and metal production. The automotive industry is one of the country’s emerging industries. Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector also attracts many international companies and has become one of the country’s main industries.

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Our translation agency has gathered a large number of professional English-Urdu translators. We recruit them on the basis of their experience and their sectors of specialization. We make sure that our translation services are of impeccable quality, which is why we entrust your content to real specialists whose native language is Urdu.

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