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I have been working for a large British car manufacturing company for 12 years now. We are regularly in contact with Swedish partners. Although their level of English is flawless, we decided several years ago to send them our documents in their native language. We believe that it is important that they have access to our content in Swedish and they regularly remind us how much they appreciate this effort. To be able to be successful in this type of operation, we have 100% confidence in Cultures Connection’s teams. The translations are completed by professionals specialized in our sector. We are perfectly satisfied with our collaboration with this translation agency and highly recommend their services.
Tom, Partner Relations Manager, Automotive industry  -  Our client’s opinion

Professional Swedish Translation Services

Sweden is an important economic partner for Britain, with a trade volume of around 5 billion euros. Many British companies have established themselves in this country, and vice versa. Why not yours? If you wish to make this project a reality, one of the first steps is to entrust your documents to a translation agency that offers quality services, such as Cultures Connection: we will make them accessible to your new target market.

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At Cultures Connection, quality is always the best choice. That is why, we carefully select the professionals to whom we assign your translation projects. All our translators have a translation diploma and more than 5 years’ experience. They always translate into their native language  and are specialized in a particular sector. Do your projects deal with subjects relating to the medical, science or the legal field? We entrust them to the specialist best able to deliver results that meet your expectations.

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Since 2007, Cultures Connection has offered translation services to numerous clients around the world. Their loyalty attests to our seriousness and our professionalism. We handle all types of projects in over 80 language combinations.

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