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Use video or over the phone interpretation services in several languages for your conferences, meetings, negotiations, classes, interviews, webinars, presentations: a practical & efficient solution, at a reasonable cost!

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The solution to avoid travel hassles

Opting for remote interpreters, who translate your talks and presentations in real time as if they were right there with you, avoids complicated and more expensive logistics, such as travel arrangements and accommodation for your interpreters, as well as the rental and set up of technical equipment. Our agency Cultures Connection has an easier solution that overcomes the hurdles and includes the same level of professionalism and expertise as for physical interpreting, so as to ensure that your meetings and other professional sessions run smoothly. We use the same criteria to select our remote interpreters as for face-to-face interpreting, based on qualifications, years of experience, areas of expertise and reliability. We have a large network of interpreters in nearly 80 language combinations. All of our linguists respect professional secrecy, and at your request they can sign confidentiality agreements. Instantaneous interpretation by video or telephone is efficient and today’s most up-to-date solution!

Video remote interpretation

Using dedicated internet platforms with innovative technology and easy to use, Cultures Connection provides you with a customized video remote interpretation (VRI) service to meet your expectations perfectly. We ensure secure communications and quality that meet the highest standards, to give your exchanges and events an optimal and confidential digital environment in the form of video conferencing. Multilingual communication with your colleagues, customers, business partners, students, is assured in the best conditions. Video interpreting expands your audience: instead of the walls of a meeting room, auditorium or classroom that limit capacity, it allows for an entire company —and its subsidiaries abroad— for example to attend and participate in the exchanges. All that is required is a computer, headset or earphones and an Internet connection.

Over the phone interpretation

Cultures Connection also provides over the phone interpretation (OPI) services tailored to your needs. Telephone interpretation is possibly the most suitable service for time-limited meetings or interviews, and aims at efficiency. We work with interpreters —in numerous language pairs— who are available to interpret professionally in your field or industry. This is the easiest solution, one that requires little equipment and that limits contingencies, while meeting your communication needs with a multilingual audience.

What type of interpreting do you need?

Not only are translation and interpreting two very different services but there is more than one type of interpreting. For one thing, translation is limited strictly to written texts, whereas interpreting relates to spoken language. There are three main types of interpreting: consecutive, liaison, and conference interpreting. Find the type of interpreting that is right for your meeting or your event!

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