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Audiovisual Translation
Subtitling, Dubbing, Voiceover

We localize your multimedia productions for your target audience, always staying faithful to the original content, from subtitling to voiceover recordings.

Some of our clients are:

Subtitling services: Audiovisual Translation

Do you need a professional audiovisual translation, are you looking for video subtitles to be translated? Our translation company Cultures Connection creates and provides subtitles in multiples languages in any video format. Whether it’s for the big screen, television, a website, or a company, subtitling your multimedia content will help you reach a wider audience. Subtitling or dubbing your video content is one of the key steps to expanding your business internationally, beyond english-speaking countries. Have your multimedia productions localized!

Based on its experience in subtitling services, Cultures Connection works with AV translators and professional subtitlers who specialize in faithfully transcribing the spoken texts of your commercials, institutional videos, documentaries, videogames, and business videos, respecting the time a viewer needs to read the subtitles and the space on the screen.

We offer quality localization and translation services of audiovisual content –subtitling, transcription, off-screen, voiceover– for all types of media.

Video Subtitling

We handle multilingual subtitling jobs based on the needs of our clients:

  • Transcription Service (script adapted to written text)
  • Time Markers (minute and second indicators for sound and/or subtitling)
  • Translation of Subtitles
  • Adaptation of Subtitles

The subtitling of audio allows viewers to hear the content of your multimedia in its original language, and/or read the subtitles. It also represents a good strategy in terms of costs and time, and it’s an excellent way to start promoting yourself internationally.

Off-screen and Voiceover

Off-screen and voiceover are common in documentaries, interviews, promotional films, and institutional videos. In both cases, one voice track is replaced by another in a foreign language.

Off-screen is audio that is recorded by a person who is not visible on screen, but is present at the site of filming; while voiceover is performed by a speaker who is not physically at the scene being shown on screen.

Our subtitling company has specialized translators and audiovisual technicians to offer you services such as off-screen and voiceover recordings for all of your multimedia productions. Contact us now!

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