The current state of the translation industry

On this 2021 International Translation Day, here’s an overview on the languages services industry. Including good news in the end! Increase in translation needs Let’s start with the best news on this International Translation Day! In 2021, employment shows steady growth. Employment for translation services providers looks even better now than prior to the pandemic, […]

Translation and Artificial Intelligence: A Linguistic Revolution

Everything seems possible with artificial intelligence, for better or for worse. Did you know that you can even generate fake profile pictures for social media, i.e. an artificial face? It is truer than real and made up of multiple parts of other real faces –except that it does not show a real human being’s face. […]

01/09/2021 -
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Clutch Highlights Cultures Connection Among New York’s Top Translation Service Firms for 2021

At Cultures Connection, we specialize in translation and interpretation services. We work with a network of over 700 professionals worldwide in over 40 languages, and in many areas of expertise. We ensure on-time delivery of quality products that meet our clients’ requirements. Our linguists work exclusively in their mother language. We carefully selected and tested […]

ABC of impossible words in translation: Part 2

After our first set of untranslatable words, here are another 20 untranslatable words in different languages.

Cloud computing and collaborative translation

How did cloud computing impact translation? Does collaborative translation technology really simplify and improve processes to meet expectations?

11/05/2021 -
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The Origins of Everyday Words and Phrases That You Didn’t Know About

Most people think of language as a static set of rules that we all must learn to communicate with each other. That’s only half true, to communicate, we all need to have a grasp of a language, but that language is far from static. While classed as a Germanic language, English takes influence from many […]

28/10/2020 -
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Culture Connection Inc. Makes Clutch’s Annual List of Top Translation Firms in New York

Our team at Culture Connection Inc. just got off the phone with Clutch! They called our offices to tell us that we had just been named one of the top translation firms! Hiring an outside provider is a smart business move in many ways, and hiring translation firms is even more essential. That is why […]

19/10/2020 -
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The Impact of Writing Essays on Learning Foreign Languages

Foreign language teachers always emphasize the impact of writing on the language learning process. Students are mostly focused on speaking; thinking that it’s the only thing they need to learn to become fluent in a particular language. Academic writing can help you deepen your mastery of foreign languages. If you plan to use them for […]