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Science and medicine are among the most challenging fields when it comes to translation, and the importance of choosing the right team of scientific translators is paramount. It’s essential to entrust your documents to professional medical translators.

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Scientific Translation: Terminology is Vital

Scientific translation is a vital issue for companies, research and development laboratories, as well as hospitals. Scientific and medical documents develop complex ideas using a terminology specific to science. Our scientific translation and localization company offers quality translation services to numerous companies, in a variety of sciences. Because of the diversity and range of topics within this field, our project management team carefully handpicks translators in the language you request for each project. Project managers pay particular attention to the translators’ specific experience and understanding of scientific content. Our translators know perfectly how to accurately translate medical and scientific vocabulary. Moreover, the scientific and medical writing style will be reflected in the style of the final, translated texts. If your company needs quality translation services, you will want to work with languages professionals.

Scientific and Technical Translation

Cultures Connection has remarkable experience in the following fields of scientific and technical translation: biotechnology; genetics; DNA-related literature; physics; biochemistry; biology; zoology; botany; astronomy; geology; biodiversity; environment; sustainable development; food; health; virology; medecine; renewable energy; and more.

In the humanities and social sciences too, scientific research makes it essential to translate or localize a variety of documents for websites, as well as articles for international journals, courses and training, reports and findings. Our company provides translations for top university research laboratories, colleges and institutes in the fields of economics, psychology, sociology, linguistics, history, anthropology, architecture, geography, and the arts. Our translations into many languages, in addition to English and French, meet strict quality standards and are approved by our clients in the scientific industry.

Professional Scientific Translation: Accuracy is Central

What are the characteristics of scientific translation? Before translating any document, translators conduct research in order to analyze terminology and define what terms have to be used depending on the context. Many terms can be translated in different ways depending on the science involved, so a translator must do thorough research and use the right tools and technical data to ensure the accuracy of translations. Often, we discuss terminology with our clients and utilize appropriate materials to make sure translation is accurate and reflects the source text content. In science and technology, products often have their own specific terminology, yet our translators master sci-tech vocabulary. Choose Cultures Connection to make sure you have a quality translation service. Besides translation and localization services, we offer professional interpreting services in case you need linguists to translate orally at work meetings, medical conferences or manufacturing site visits. Contact us and learn more about our services!

Scientific Document Translation: A Diverse Content

The scientific documents we translate include various types of texts in a lot of languages. Below are some examples:

  • Articles for scientific journals or academic journals and books
  • Trainings in life science, IT and software, environment, etc.
  • Operator and user manuals, technical documents
  • Pharmaceutical registration documents (Market Authorizations) and patents
  • Test protocols & laboratory and clinical testing
  • Clinical documentation
  • Regulatory documents, material safety data sheets specifications
  • Market research, reports and projects
  • Simulation software (e.g. biotech, virtual patient, virtual clinic)
  • Product launch presentations and conferences
  • Marketing materials: commercial brochures, ad campaigns, flyers
  • Glossaries and scientific encyclopedia
  • Sciences website localization and translation
  • Multimedia and video presentations

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Scientific Translation Into the Language You Need

Our quality translation services are available in all languages. For example:

  • Scientific translation from English to French
  • Scientific translation from French to English
  • Scientific translation from French to Arabic

Are you interested in other languages? We also translate from/into Spanish, German, Italian, Urdu, Finnish, Croatian, Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, and more.

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