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Are you planning to host a multilingual event with a small number of attendees? Use a liaison interpreter to facilitate communication between the parties.

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Liaison interpretation services

At a multilingual event, be it a company visit, commercial negotiations, business meetings, etc., in which a smaller number of participants must all communicate with each other, a liaison interpreter helps ensure things go smoothly and without misunderstandings. Information has to move in one direction and then in another. Other words, the interpreter translates from one language to another, and then back again. Most of the time such an interpreter will work without notes, memorising the short passages spoken and reproducing them in the target language.

Direct links between participants

Liaison interpreting takes place in informal situations which encourage contact and make it possible to establish direct links between participants. It’s a simple, congenial method that centres on discussions which are limited to the concerned parties. This type of interpretation does not require cabins, headsets or microphones. Participants sit around a table and communicate face to face, which helps to create an atmosphere of trust.

Liaison interpreters services

Cultures Connection puts at your disposal an extensive network of liaison interpreters in all languages. We offer interpreting services in 80 different language pairs, including French, Spanish, Croatian, Chinese, German, English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

As an interpretation agency, we place great importance on offering our customers services specifically tailored to their needs and requirements. You can rely on our experience and professionalism to select the most suitable interpreters who will carry out their responsibilities successfully and satisfactorily. Our linguists are bound to professional secrecy and can also sign confidentiality agreements as needed.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpretation is simultaneous interpretation that is whispered directly into the ear of the participant(s). The interpreter is seated or standing in the meeting, and translates to a very small group of people seated or standing around them. Whispered interpreting is used in bilateral meetings or when very few people speak the same language. It is also frequently used instead of consecutive interpreting to save time, since the interpreter translates in real time while the speaker speaks. No special equipment is needed, except for headphones in cases where the interpreter is far from the speaker and/or can’t hear them clearly.

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