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Cultures Connection partners with WPML to provide thoughtful localization, global SEO optimization, and an efficient translation workflow for your WordPress websites.

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Start translating your website in 3 steps

Start translating your website in 3 steps

Find us in the Translation Services tab within the section Translation Management. Choose Cultures Connection and activate the service. It’s as simple as that.
After activating Cultures Connection, enter your API Token to authorize the service and connect with us. You are now one step away from your next translation.
Select the content you would like to translate and the target languages on the Translation Services tab and send them to us for translation. We will provide a quote by email. Once approved, we will translate the job, and the translations will automatically appear on your site! And that’s it!

We Are WordPress Specialists

The figures speak for themselves. WordPress is used to create 60% of websites with Content Management Systems (CMS) and for 30% of all webpages on the internet. In a globalised world, with a growing international market, having a WordPress site that has been translated into your target market’s languages is a key tool to reach a greater number of users across the world.

Cultures Connection has specialized in WordPress translation since the invention of the platform in 2004. Whether it be for e-commerce businesses that are looking to expand their operations in foreign markets, or for governmental organisations and NGOs with numerous working languages, we coordinate a wide range of projects using a large network of professionals across the world. These translators are specialists in 40 languages and experts in SEO positioning. By integrating with the WPML plugin for WordPress, Cultures Connection makes translating and maintaining translations easy and affordable.

It is never too late for your website to speak the native language of your readers, achieve the greatest exposure possible and present your content in a precise and clear way.

Our Localizations Take Cultural Details into Account

English is the lingua franca on the Internet and is used by 25.5% of the almost 3.885 billion users that surf the web. However, many languages are starting to gain traction with the online presence, and Chinese and Spanish, the second and third most used languages are not far behind with more than 773 million and 315 million users respectively. There are two evident trends: that people prefer to read websites that are in their language and that there is an increase in the availability of multilingual websites to achieve this.

The work of Cultures Connection is not limited to literally adapting WordPress content. We grasp linguistic particularities, local expressions and cultural references in order to smoothly translate into other languages. The way to do business in the United States is not the same as in Japan or Germany, and we take into account those society-specific codes.

If you have something to say to the world, you have to be sensitive in the way that you do it. This is always the best way to convey ideas and meanings.

We Are SEO Experts

To not show up on Google is almost the same as not existing.

Cultures Connection works with translators that, when creating their versions of the WordPress content, have in mind the parameters that the most popular search engines on the Internet use to measure rankings and whether a website is useful to a internet user and then positions it on their results.

Use titles and attractive SEO meta descriptions. Include typical keywords that your potential reader will use in the Google searches, but without overdoing it. Generate texts rich in information. Enable written and audiovisual content to be adapted to mobile devices. Your WordPress must be functional but be user-friendly.

To be number one, you have to be the best on every detail.

We Partner with WPML to Make Translating Your Site Efficient and Seamless

WPML is the leading multilingual plugin in the market with more than 600,000 users over the world. Cultures Connection has teamed up with WPML to improve the quality of WordPress translations. An ideal partnership for easier and more precise translations services.

WPML supports more than 40 languages and allows you to request quotes, order translations and publish them automatically on your website, all without leaving WordPress.

Would you like to know the cost of translating your website? You can use WPML’s word count tool to estimate your translation costs. Translation jobs are priced based on the number of words, so once you have an estimate from WPML, get in touch with us, and we’ll send you an accurate quote.

Ideal for avoiding problems with you text formats, maintaining confidentiality and getting an immediate personalized service, in your language at any time of day.

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