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Cultures Connection provides its high quality translation and interpretation services in Nice, the business hub of the French Riviera.

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Cultures Connection, the foremost translation agency in Nice

Nice has always occupied a strategic position in Europe.

It’s considered the economic capital of the French Riviera and is the seventh largest in France. It is located just a few kilometers from Italy, Monaco and Spain, making it an unmissable tourist and commercial destination. It has the third largest international airport in passenger numbers in France, a commercial and recreational port, and is connected by rail to major internal and foreign destinations. The millions of people visiting Nice from all around the world is no coincidence.

Cultures Connection is located in this city in order to provide translation and interpretation services in 40 languages ​​and in multiple language combinations to private and public organisations in a multitude of fields, including Marketing, Law or Science. All this versatility is placed at the disposal of our customers.

An intelligent bet for a key city.

Nice, a luxury destination for your international business

Nice is the hub for commercial and tourist businesses from around the world.

It is one of the world centres for tourism on the French Riviera, with beaches as beautiful and distinguished as those found in Monaco, Cannes or Saint-Tropez. It has the second largest number of hotels in France. It takes centre stage in activities of global significance, such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Tennis Open.

Located between the sea and the mountains, with its spas and high-altitude sports, Nice attracts both wealthy visitors wanting to relax and have fun, as well as workers from diverse sectors with greater or lesser resources who are attracted by the innumerable employment possibilities. The city hosts 4 million tourists each year and is home to some 60,000 immigrants living and working there permanently, accounting for almost 16% of its population.

Historical ties make it commonplace to come across the Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian communities around the main city train station and several of its neighbourhoods. The architecture and typical Italian cuisine found in Old Nice are the legacy of the large Italian community. The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the symbol of the significant Russian community, which, since the imperial era of Russia, has settled on the French coast.

It is truly an international parade of cultures.

Quality translations from our home

Translation is the way forward for different societies to come together.

Cultures Connection is headquartered in Nice, and from there we work around the entire planet in a multicultural and multilingual environment, with professionals selected for their training and experience in the languages ​​and topics required by our customers.

We pay close attention to linguistic particularities, the expressions of particular fields of work, and cultural references so as to achieve clear and precise results in the native language. If you want to attract attention and offer your products and services to the world, being sensitive to local idiosyncrasies is crucial.

Your documents are in excellent hands with us.

Interpretations for international activities

Do you need an interpretation for training activities for groups of employees from other countries or for international tourist groups who want to get to know the Costa Azul?

Cultures Connection provides conference, simultaneous and liaison interpreting services for business, scientific and social activities, both large and small, held in Nice as well as the entire French Riviera.

If the customer requires, our agency also takes care of equipment, with booths, receivers, ear-pieces and all the necessary equipment to guarantee the success of your interpretation.

Your presentations are in excellent hands with us.