The current state of the translation industry

On this 2021 International Translation Day, here’s an overview on the languages services industry. Including good news in the end! Increase in translation needs Let’s start with the best news on this International Translation Day! In 2021, employment shows steady growth. Employment for translation services providers looks even better now than prior to the pandemic, […]

Interpretation services in Nice: Presenting medical solutions

Cultures Connection provided liaison interpretation services at the annual meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society, in Nice.

A dependable liaison for business travel

A liaison interpretation service by Cultures Connection allowed the aesthetic medicine company Euro Importaciones to enjoy a successful business trip in Monaco.

Technical interpretation for the GIRP medical supply chain

At a major multilingual conference with technical pharmaceutical jargon, a simultaneous interpretation service by Cultures Connection provided the solution.

Medical translation and its professional diagnosis

Medical translation is not just any translation. The terms involved must not be misinterpreted. Only qualified medical translators can choose right terms.

Conference interpreting at the service of medicine

On Cluster Headache Awareness Day (CH), Cultures Connection has joined the European Headache Alliance to organize a conference on this rare disease.

5 medical translation errors

Performing an urgent translation sometimes feels like a matter of life or death for the translator. In the case of a medical translation, this expression has never been so true. Let’s focus on five medical translation errors that have marked the history of medicine