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Cultures Connection, the foremost translation agency in Paris

Paris speaks as many languages ​​as the cultures it hosts.

Its status as the political capital of France, a fundamental economic pillar of Europe and the leading destination for world tourism, means that every year the city welcomes some 40 million visitors, eager to visit its most famous sights, as well as thousands of immigrants keen to settle and make a better life for themselves.

Cultures Connection has offices in Paris and provides translation and interpreting services to private and public organisations, with a network of over 740 professionals around the world.

Specialists in 40 languages ​​and multiple linguistic combinations, we translate publicity, medical reports and business procedure manuals. We organise interpretations for oil conferences and liaison interpretation with tourist groups. We provide subtitling services for films, videogames and audiovisual presentations.

In the City of Light, our solutions shine.

Paris, the historic gateway to multiculturalism

France has some 6 million immigrants and 38% of them live in the city of Paris.

The openness of French society to people from other cultures is well-known. Throughout its history, its own production needs, wars, and the economic crises happening around it, led to the arrival of communities from throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Thousands of Portuguese and Italians sought work opportunities in the late nineteenth century, the First World War brought waves of Poles and Czechs, and decolonisation opened the doors of France to Algerians, Vietnamese and Senegalese. The internationalisation of business over recent decades further expanded the spectrum of nationalities.

With Paris being the hub of French politics, and one of the drivers of the world economy, inward migratory movements have been endless. Executive power resides in the Élysée Palace and the diplomatic embassies crowd the charming 16th arrondissement. La Défense is the focus of major French businesses and businesspeople from the farthest places on the planet, providing financial, real estate and tourism services. Each neighbourhood is the setting for monuments, museums and impressive shopping districts, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Opéra Garnier.

Strolling through the 18th arrondissement of Paris, it’s easy to come across markets with Moroccan products or Spanish artists seeking inspiration in the streets of Montmartre. Nor is it hard to find tourists with cameras and brochures in hand in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris sees its population vary at the same pace as the rest of France. And vice versa.

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Translations from Paris to the world

Translation is the meeting of cultures in words.

Our professionals are chosen for their expertise in the requested languages and the subject being addressed so as to adapt the content to the native language using the specific expressions used by the target audience. It’s the only way to be able to communicate your ideas clearly and expand internationally.

Cultures Connection works in a multicultural and multilingual environment, with wide scheduling availability and service for urgent orders. We guarantee the highest quality in translations, in the shortest time possible, and at the best price. From Paris with love.

Your documents are in excellent hands with us.

The scent of interpretation in Paris

Are you looking for several interpreters with knowledge of several languages ​​for a presentation with an international audience or specialised interpretation for your business meetings?

Cultures Connection provides conference, simultaneous and liaison interpretation services. We also take care of equipping rooms with booths, receivers, ear-pieces and all the necessary technical equipment for guaranteeing successful events.

For business, scientific or social events. On large or small scales. With a single presentation or several simultaneously. Planned in advance or urgently. In the city of Paris and its surrounding area.

Your presentations are in excellent hands with us.