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Technical Translation

From patents to user manuals, proper translation of your technical documents
puts your business in a position for success.

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Technical translation

When translating your technical documents, make sure your customers understand how to use your product. The pervasiveness of science and technology today is such that technical translation has become an essential element that businesses need to address. Technical documents translation (user guides, operating instructions, handling descriptions, patents, reports, instruction sheets, etc.) is crucial nowadays for companies, especially those trying to win international market shares. The difficulty is twofold for the translator: they have to accurately translate technical terms, but also adapt them to the local culture.

Our technical translation agency

Because quality is always the highest priority, Cultures Connection chooses experts who combine strong language skills with a sound knowledge in a specific area.

Our technical translators are qualified in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial manufacturing, the graphic software industry, the automotive industry, aeronautics, aerospace, the chemical industry, the oil industry, electronics, informatics, the steel industry, renewable energies and solar technologies, and even advanced digital controls.

The quality of our translation services is ensured by a selection of translators on the basis of their qualifications and professional experience. Our linguists always work into their mother tongue.

Technical translation services

Accuracy is the cornerstone of our work, as in technical translation the smallest error could have serious consequences. The world of technology relies on clear and concise technical documents. Even so, how many times have we read technical instructions for a domestic appliance and didn’t understand what was written? Or even worse, found spelling mistakes showing how badly the translation work was botched? The translation of technical instructions cannot be improvised!

Finally, it is important to note that technical translation requires a dual competence: technical and linguistic. For this reason, and because these skills need to be constantly updated by translators, this type of translation service is usually more costly than when it comes to working on a less complex text.

Technical document translation

The following are examples of technical documents that we frequently translate:

  • Installation, operator, maintenance and user manuals
  • Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • Technical drawings
  • Processes
  • Patents
  • Engineering texts
  • Manuals for machine tools and other machines
  • Descriptions and technical data sheets
  • Norms
  • Patents
  • Specifications
  • Quotes
  • User guides
  • Technical instructions
  • Instruction books

Our Latest Technical Translations

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