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Discovery, emotion, sharing: translations are meant to express the specificities of culture. Call on our sensitivity and experience to translate your museum guides, books and leaflets!

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Culture is close to our heart

Who can you contact for translation services in the field of cultural production and arts? At the very heart of our company’s name, the word culture resonates in all its richness and plurality. Cultures Connection has assembled a team of project managers and translators with great artistic sensitivity, that supports and appreciates culture in all its various forms. Our considerate and passionate team understands the specific needs and demands of the participants and representatives of culture. Our project managers, translators and interpreters have an intimate knowledge of museums content, whether marketing content, books or signage. Be sure that our international team is committed to enhancing dramatically the value of any text written by professionals in the context of culture. We will provide you with quality translation services and ensure that your website audience and locations visitors explore or rediscover in their native language the landmarks and events that you showcase. Our team can suggest customized services and adapt to any specificity you may request, in a single foreign language as well as in dozens of languages at the same time. We are proud of our translations of texts for museums, cultural institutions and associations, art foundations, or for multimedia production!

Translation in the field of Culture: conveying a passion

You love to visit or promote cultural institutes, art museums, historical sites and so do we! The world is rich of art museums and science centers, of great films, plays and operas, has an incredible literary heritage, magnificent architecture, and so many means of cultural expression. This ensemble represents the work of thousands of years of history! Our agency provides strategic communication support in several languages for your cultural events and projects designed to promote cultural heritage, artwork and monuments. With regards to festivals, exhibitions, events involving artists and audiences, discovery tours of historical and cultural sites, and promotion of tourism as well as various attractions, Cultures Connection brings you its expertise through its translation, subtitling and interpreting services dedicated to the world of culture.

The variety of Cultural Topics

Our clients –who embody a wide range of cultural activities– acknowledge the excellent quality of our work and our contribution to the promotion of their creations and activities. The cultural sector encompasses a wide range of fields that Cultures Connection has a thorough command of: cinema, audiovisual, publishing, fine arts, architecture, performing arts, heritage sites, including museums, historical monuments, archaeological sites, parks and other locations that symbolize different regions. Each professional translator in our team dedicated to translation services in this sector has extensive experience with cultural institutions, production agencies, schools, or public services related to cultural action (either government departments, states, or cities) that often call on our company to translate their documents for their international visitors.

Expertise at every stage

From textual creation to the promotion of a cultural event, Cultures Connection has acquired a thorough experience in translating and enhancing each stage of a multilingual translation project:

– Promotional leaflets on a museum exhibit, a historical site, or any art event;

– Video translation, subtitling, voiceover;

– Translation of museum labels and signage;

– Audio guides, posters and exhibition catalogs;

– Press releases, press kits, studies;

– Newsletters, invites, Internet advertising, blogs and social networks;

– SEO translation of websites and digital communication (internet advertising, blogs and social

Are you looking for a quality translation service or a SEO content writing service in a foreign language for your museum? We can help! Call on our team of professional translators for translation, subtitling, voice over and interpretation services! In addition to French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic, we provide our clients with document translations and interpreting services –simultaneous, consecutive, liaison– in all European languages and in most Asian languages.

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