Translation for International Organizations, European and International Institutions

UN agencies, the World Bank, and European institutions are among the most demanding clients when it comes to quality translations.

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Translation for International Organizations: A Question of Knowledge

We specialize in translating administrative, financial, and legal documents and reports associated with international organizations: International Financial Institutions (IMF, World Bank), United Nations agencies (OMS, Unesco), European institutions, NGOs, etc. We rely on a network of professional trusted translators specializing in these fields, each of whom has vast professional experience working with international organizations and a deep knowledge of their needs and work methodologies.

High Quality Is Vital

International organizations are especially concerned with the quality of their translations. Accordingly, our agency has created specific glossaries for each organization we work with (for instance, on biodiversity), which are updated and corrected on a regular basis. We have a deep understanding of all subjects relating to international organizations, and can therefore promptly respond to our clients’ orders while guaranteeing high-quality standards. Providing translation services to international organizations is challenging with regard to quality and turnaround time, making it important to adopt the best possible practices; in turn, these practices carry over into our work in other fields of specialization, such as finance, legal, and scientific translation.

Call for Tenders Competition

Each contract for an international organization is distributed after a request of interests and a call for tenders. Competition is formidable, as many agencies vie for these contracts. Responding to these calls for tenders challenges the quality of our processes, our team, and our reliability. Our translation agency has been working for several UN agencies since 2007, proving its capacity to provide high-quality services.

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