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Do you need translation offices near you because you want quality translations? Cultures Connection is a global translation company with offices in the US, in France, and other locations.


Are you looking for translation offices because you need quality translation services? Cultures Connection is a global translation company with offices in the US, in France, and other locations. Our translation offices are available on different time zones so as to provide linguistic services to companies in the shortest possible time. Our network of experienced translators in hundreds of languages guarantees quality work for your translations.

Do you need a professional translation? If you want a professional document translation, an audiovisual translation with transcription and subtitles, a website translation and localization service or an SEO translation, ask for a free quote!

Do you need interpretation services? Liaison interpreting, simultaneous or conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting? Trust Cultures Connection and ask for a quote for interpreters and technical equipment!

Our translation agencies has a wide range of languages for any content that needs to be translated:

  • Language services from and to European languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish.
  • Language services from and to Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish from various Latin American countries, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Urdu, Indonesian, Vietnamese… and many other languages in Europe, Asia and Africa!

Our translators and interpreters are professional linguists with proven expertise in their working language (or languages) and fields. From one-line translations to hundreds of pages, from a one-hour meeting to a three-day conference, you can trust their technical skills. All of these translators have the qualifications and experience to meet the industry’s quality standards.

What fields do Cultures Connection’s translators work in? In each translation office, our team provides multilingual services to clients in many different industries. Every single translator translates into their native language, and has one or two areas of expertise with several specialties. We can provide you with the best translations in your industry! Cultures Connection is :

  • A marketing and communication translation company
  • A scientific translation company
  • A technical translation company
  • A legal translation company
  • A financial translation company
  • A medical translation company
  • A software and IT translation company

We work with expert certified translators and interpreters in other specialties. We provide accurate translations for clients in the tourism, fashion and luxury goods, education and e-learning, environment, energy and culture sectors worldwide.

We also provide DTP and graphic design services, with talented editors and graphic designers.

Whether your company is a small business or a global corporation, whether you need a website, a brochure or a leaflet in one language or in forty languages, our translation company will help you with all types of content. Based on the customer’s projects and documents, our team offers customized services to translate or localize content. Tell us about your translation project!

Thanks to our multiple translation offices, our customers are guaranteed a timely delivery of documents and other translated content.

Read our brochure and contact us to have your document translated by our expert translators!

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