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An interpretation of coke and sulphur in Buenos Aires

Eight interpreters from Cultures Connection worked with RefComm on a technical support event for the recycling of petroleum waste. Rate this post

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Fueling simultaneous interpretation at South America Energy Week

When Buenos Aires hosted South America Energy Week, Cultures Connection was given the privilege of providing the simultaneous interpretation services for two days. Rate this post

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Enabling the sharing of ideas for Radio Mitre and Deezer

The Argentine and French firms came together in Paris to review the results of their new alliance in Argentina, with the liaison interpretation of Cultures Connection.   Rate this post

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Interpretation is in the air in Paris

Cultures Connection collaborated with the French brand Sephora to organize its new 2018 Collection launch with a simultaneous interpretation service. Rate this post

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Interpretation: the perfect accessory for any luxury fair

Cultures Connection offered its interpretation services to the Spanish company Madolaz as they attended Luxe Pack, a Monaco exhibition of luxury accessories. Rate this post

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30/12/2015 -

French English Translation, Audit Report

Translation of an external audit report, from French into English for a consulting company specialising in the field of nuclear engineering and technical studies in France.

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English French Interpretation Services, In-company Training Course

English-French consecutive interpretation during an in-company training for an advertising agency.

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French Polish Translation, Product Catalog

Translation of a catalog and product sheets for a company specializing in the distribution of fine teas and accessories.