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Our Mission: Translation in favor of Education

Why is translation in education important? The significant rise of schools and universities’ internationalization in the 21st century requires more than ever the translation of institutional and educational content. Digital technology has become for schools an essential management and organization tool as well as a communication tool to promote their programs and projects around the world. Such technology serves too as a crucial tool for teachers to exchange information and data with international students and families. Schools need professional translation services so that they can share documents that are accurately translated with students, parents and staff. Every student needs access to documents written in their native language. Whether in higher education –for universities and colleges, research centers and institutes as well as their foundations– or for any school in primary and secondary education, Cultures Connection works alongside schools in their mission in favor of education. Our agency specializes in translation for schools and universities but also contributes to the publications of educational publishers and to the programs of associations and professional training centers.

Translating in the Field of Education: Our Contribution to Knowledge Sharing

In order to improve exchanges and successfully internationalize education, educational content for students or the general public must be translated into multiple languages. Access to the full range of resources and knowledge is made possible through multilingual translations that are aimed at learners, and can also reach a wider audience beyond the educational system. Cultures Connection contributes to knowledge dissemination and facilitates the communication of educational institutions and companies through a wide range of services so as to obtain quality translations: course and training contents, academic articles and dissertations, conference proceedings, webinars, presentation materials, partnerships, syllabi, to name a few. You can trust us to translate your documents from English into many languages, or from a foreign language into English, Spanish or another language. Our translators have a proven scientific background, are specialists in the fields they translate, and possess a perfect command of both academic and publishing practices and policies.

A Multitude of Research Topics and Learning Areas

Cultures Connection provides translation and subtitling services in all fields of academic research and meets thereby the needs of university laboratories, institutes and centers dedicated to cutting-edge research in sciences. Our team consists of translators trained in Medicine, Sustainable Development, Physics, Agriculture, Mathematics, IT, Ecology, Chemistry, Digital Technology, Biology, etc. In the Humanities and in the Economic and Social Sciences, our agency translates in many fields for universities and schools all over the world, and has extensive experience in multilingual translation projects in Sociology, Education, Management, Marketing, Architecture, History, Psychology, Film, among others. We also translate infographics, tables, maps, or diagrams that illustrate your work: your courses, your articles and your professional communication. If your document has already been translated in house within your company or school, our company can provide a revision and proofreading service to ensure optimal quality for your text. Finally, our team of editors will take care of the layout so that your translated document looks exactly like the original one, regardless of the graphic design software used (InDesign, Photoshop, Publisher) or the format (pdf, powerpoint, etc.) of your documents. Call on Cultures Connection for a professional and quality service as the big schools and universities for which we have been translating educational content and scientific documents for years can attest!

For All Your Translation Needs

For your translation needs of educational documents, training materials and audiovisual content, Cultures Connection is your trusted partner:

  • Research articles for publication, academic dissertations and theses
  • Conference proceedings and book chapters
  • Course contents, trainings and webinars
  • Protocols and clinical trials
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Internship or sponsorship agreements, partnerships or cooperation agreements
  • Booklets and leaflets, miscellaneous documents for parents, students and staff
  • Course syllabi, school schedules, application and enrollment forms, contact cards, waiver forms and other student and parent forms
  • E-learning platforms, digital learning platform content
  • School websites, blogs, newsletters

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