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What does our translation company provide? Quality translation services in all languages tailored to meet your deadlines and budget.

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Professional Translation Services

Your company needs professional translation services? Cultures Connection assists your business in its international expansion. We offer a wide range of translation services for your content and based on your industry, in order to meet your every need from legal translation or technical translation to website translation. We provide accurate translations from English into many languages, and from multiple languages into English as well. Thanks to our presence in New York, Paris, Nice, and Buenos Aires, our response capabilities are fast. Our clients can attest how fast is our team when asked to provide a quote for the translation of a document into any given language.

Do you need an urgent translation service? You can count on Cultures Connection. We will provide our best quote. Our translation agency is available for over 18 hours per day. Contact us online!

Quality Translations by the Best Experts

For our translation company, delivering quality work to clients is a priority. Our every day commitment is to provide the best service and make sure that clients are happy with the translated documents we deliver. We select translators according to their qualifications and professional experience. Each translator must pass a translation or localization test in their fields of expertise prior to translating for our company. We also collaborate with certified translators when a company requests the certified translation of a legal document. All of our translators translate into their native language as required by ISO quality standards for translation services. Moreover, they work with translation software to translate large volumes quickly and efficiently. In our translation agency, a project manager supervises each project and oversees the order at every step. Translations go through a process of revision to ensure the accuracy of the translation job, of proofreading to check spelling and grammar, and quality control, according to the customer’s preferred option.

You will find the right translation service with us! We offer our translation services in four packages specifically designed to meet your business needs:

Basic: Quick and inexpensive translation suitable for informational documents for internal use.
Standard: Economic and speedy translation of large volumes of documents, reports or corporate literature.
Professional: Ideal for translations of business documents and marketing, where quality is of paramount importance.
Premium: Professional translation and review services for the translation of specialized documents (technical, financial or scientific documents) intended for a broad audience.

Our team can help you order the service that is best suited based on your industry or your document content. Because quality is the most important aspect, we offer revision, proofreading, and quality control services.

Specialized Translations

What is our strength? Managing translation projects for a variety of industries or sectors, and delivering translations that are technical, audiovisual, medical, legal, financial, you name it. Thanks to our ever growing network of over 740 professional translators worldwide, we are able to assist you on your path to international development. As a translation company, our mission is to find the right translator for your specialized translations. Contact us!

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