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As an Entrepreneur in construction, I wanted to export my business to Bosnia. But I was very quickly faced with a language barrier. For very technical products, it was impossible to use English, because my products would have lost their value. That’s why I used Cultures Connection’s translation services. The translators that they work with are very skilled, and the prices are competitive. I have complete confidence in the teams, and I look forward to continuing my collaboration with this company.
Alex, Entrepreneur, Construction Industry  -  Our client's opinion

Professional Bosnian Translation Services

At Cultures Connection we will accompany you throughout the translation process of your documents and take care of all types of projects. Whatever your budget, our company adapts thanks to our four tiers of translation services (Basic, Standard, Professional and Premium). All translations are supervised by a project manager who ensures the service runs smoothly. For an urgent project, their contribution is particularly important since time constraints require a flawless organization.

Our Bosnian Translators

For quality results, use a professional Bosnian translator. Our translation agency has a network of over 740 translators that allows us to always find the most competent professional to handle your project. Our Bosnian translators always translate into their native language. They have perfectly mastered the Bosnian language and culture, which allows them to best adapt your content to your target market.

Our teams count on professionals specialized in a particular sector, all recruited on the basis of their diplomas and their experience. Our translation agency carefully selects the translators with whom it collaborates, based on their experience in the translation sector. In fact, they are chosen according to strict criteria (diplomas, training, a minimum of 5 years of experience in their field of specialization) in order to deliver high-quality translations.

Grammar, phonetics, sentence structure… So many differences which make Bosnian a particularly complex and difficult language for a person who speaks no other Slavic language. That’s why, all our professional translators translate into their native language so that these linguistic and cultural subtleties are taken into account.

Our Translation Agency

Cultures Connection is a professional translation agency based in France and Argentina. This allows our teams to be available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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