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Translate your website to give your business international visibility

As a global language, English is used and understood by a large population. Nevertheless, 90% of Internet users prefer to browse in their native language when buying products or services (according to a study conducted by the European Commission, User language preferences online).

Having your website translated is one of the best ways to reach foreign markets and increase your sales worldwide. Several steps are necessary to ensure the success of your website.

First step: localizing your website
There is nothing like speaking your prospects’ language to create a close relationship with them. Localizing your website by using local vocabulary is the first step to get closer to your target market. For example, the Spanish version of a website targeting Spain should address its readers using “tú” whereas the one targeting Argentina should use “vos”. Cultures Connection always entrusts your projects to native translators to make sure we provide you with translations perfectly adapted to your target audience. Now you can speak “local”.

Second step: optimizing your translation for search engines
Speaking local is good, being found by your clients on the Internet is way better! We’ve just highlighted how crucial it is for translators to know the local linguistic variations and nuances. Now, it is about time to let SEO experts come into play. Their mission is to identify how Internet users express their queries in the target country. For example, they will find out that in Spain, users looking for e-commerces search 9,900 times per month the expression “tienda online” and only 50 times “tienda en línea”. You might not be aware of this and describe your activity on your website as “tienda en línea”. Google may display your website for users who used that expression, but they will not find you when searching “tienda online”. You’ve just lost 9,850 potential visits!

Third step: making your website SEO friendly
Congratulations! The content of your translation has now been optimized. To get your website ranked in the top results, you now need to convince Google that your website contains the best answers to your clients’ queries. To do so, there is still a long way to go since, beyond your website’s content, Google is looking for indications to determine how relevant your website is on a particular topic. Cultures Connection helps you spread these indications by filling the title, meta-descriptions, H1, etc., with the main keywords tags previously identified.

Fourth step: building your popularity
Google loves remarkable websites and highlights them on its top pages. The search engine examines the links from other websites that point towards yours, scores these backlinks according to their relevancy and ranks you up subsequently. Cultures Connection helps you get noticed by Google creating your link building strategy.
Now you are ready to conquer the world!

Easy process

Is your site designed with WordPress? Cultures Connection is an exclusive partner of the number one WordPress translation plugin on the market: WPML. This makes translating your website a piece of cake, allowing us to both translate your content and easily incorporate it into your site.

Cultures Connection can also translate your website content regardless of the text format (Word, Excel, plain text, etc.) or the CMS you use (Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.), or even directly from your site’s HTML code.

Satisfied clients across all industries

Our portfolio of translation projects includes content from many websites, e-commerce sites and online platforms, etc., for institutions as varied as the FAO, UN, the French Public Health Insurance (CPAM), etc., as well as major companies including SANOFI, JACADI, MIRAKL, and others.

Our multilingual SEO and digital marketing services

  • SEO translations
    Our SEO experts identify the main keywords of your activity on your target market and give the translators a glossary of expressions to use in priority.
  • Meta tags optimization
    Our SEO experts create or edit the tags to be used on your website’s HTML pages (title, meta-descriptions, H1 headers, etc.) in order to improve its ranking within the search engine’s results.
  • Link building strategy
    We identify the backlinks (external links to your site from other websites) which are most likely to boost your popularity.
  • SEO copywriting
    Our multilingual SEO copywriters will write localized and SEO friendly contents for you.
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