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We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in over 80 languages to make communication easier.

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Language Interpreter Services

Whether at a conference, congress, colloquium or business meeting, when two participants do not speak the same language, it can quickly become a headache for everyone. To facilitate the understanding of all participants, you can count on the experience and professionalism of the interpreters at Cultures Connection.

Our interpreting agency has a wide network of interpreters, who are selected based on their competence and reliability. We offer around 50 language combinations: English, German, Chinese, Russian… Before you choose a supposedly “bilingual” colleague to transmit your messages in a foreign language, remember that the success of your meeting will depend in part on the quality of your conference interpreter. This is a demanding profession with no room for improvisation.

We provide language interpretation services adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients. You just need to select the type of interpreting service you need, be it consecutive, liaison or simultaneous. We also offer rental equipment for translation (headphones, microphones, interpreting booths, etc.) and a specialized technician to install them.

Consecutive, Liaison or Conference Interpreting?

Do you have a conference in Paris or Buenos Aires that needs an interpreter? Does a group of industrialists from India want to visit your stores? Do you have an important meeting with Chinese clients? Depending on the event, the place, the available time and the number of participants, we offer different interpreting services:

Consecutive interpreting: What the speaker says is translated after he has finished speaking.

Liaison interpreting: With this technique, the speaker’s interventions are translated at regular intervals.

Conference interpreting: Also referred to as simultaneous translation. What the speaker says is translated a few seconds later. This service requires two professionals who take turns interpreting (switching every 20 minutes is required by law).

Our Interpreting Services

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