Consecutive Interpreting

When holding a multilingual meeting with a small number of participants, we recommend making use of a consecutive interpretation service. This simple and relaxed method will allow you to establish good communication between the participants without the need for any special equipment.

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When should you opt for consecutive interpreting?

Are you planning on holding an event with participants from different languages and cultures? In that case, you’ll need interpreters. But, which interpretation service should you choose? It all depends on the type of event, location, available time, budget, and number of participants. For conferences where liason or consecutive style interpreting is needed, interpreters can adapt to different types of situations.

Consecutive interpretation figures prominently in the professional requirements for an interpreter. Discussions interpreted in a consecutive manner are not always formal affairs. Since this type of interpretation doesn’t require any special equipment, it can be tailored to many different situations: banquets, receptions, inaugurations, guided tours, business trips, diplomatic or celebrity visits, roundtable negotiations, incentive tours, etc.

Consecutive interpretation: a simple, relaxed, method

At the table, the interpreter takes notes that will help him to faithfully and accurately reproduce all or part of the speech in the target language. Unlike simultaneous interpretation, there’s no need for sophisticated equipment; a pen and notepad will suffice.

Consecutive interpreting services

Our interpretation agency works with professional interpreters holding a diploma and known for their experience in the field. With nearly 80 language pairs covered (including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Croatian, Urdu, etc.), Cultures Connection is your provider of interpretation services in Paris, Nice, Buenos Aires and around the world, whenever you want to communicate in another language.

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