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Why translate your website?

While English can serve as a vehicle to disseminate your brand in many countries and to millions of online users around the world, being able to have your website written in your users’ mother tongue helps lay the foundation for a deeper relationship with your prospective customers or readers. For those users, it may be the first time they have the opportunity to gauge your level of commitment to their needs, your respect for them as individuals, and/or your desire to work with them. This is why translating your website into Spanish, French, or whatever language is spoken in your target country, is the first step to international success. However, to be effective, your translation must take two factors into account: the particularities of the local language and search engine optimization (SEO).

“Localizing”, or adapting your language to the specifics of your target markets

Before you entrust your project to a website translator, you must ask yourself what is the most important market you wish to target with this site? If you deal in real estate, when translating your website into Spanish, you’ll need to use “piso” for apartment if your target market is Spain, but that would only confuse potential customers in Argentina who will wonder if you’re selling floors! What if you’re a company selling “pralines”? Your Belgian customers will think they’re buying stuffed chocolates, whereas the French will expect it’s something crunchy! As we can see, a localized translation means a translation that is adapted to the particularities of your target language. This is what a website translation company like Cultures Connection guarantees by entrusting your project to translators who are native speakers of your target market(s). Now, you talk like a local!

SEO translations

Knowing how to speak like a local–that’s good. Being seen by your prospective online customers–that’s even better! How to go about this? It all starts with a user from France, Spain or Brazil, who clicks the Google search box and types in their request. Once they press enter, the inscrutable Google algorithm checks millions of records of websites in a matter of milliseconds, and decides which ones are worthy of being displayed on the first page of search results. While Google takes hundreds of criteria into account when making its selection, the first criterion is of course the relevancy between the words used by the web user in their search and that of the target website. So while localizing is the best way to translate a website, simply talking your prospects’ language in no way guarantees a top spot in Google’s rankings. However, not talking their language will definitely leave you out of the race altogether. So the next step consists of guessing which words your prospects in your target countries will use, and using those same words in your text. This is where Cultures Connection can help by providing its multilingual SEO services. Its SEO specialists scour the web for you, and identify, in each language and target country, the expressions most commonly used to search for your product(s). For example, a bank targeting customers in Argentina will discover that users there search for “home banking” in English (1 million searches per month) rather than “banco en linea” in Spanish (590 searches). Next, Cultures Connection gives its website translators a list of keywords to use in the translated text, guaranteeing that your translation is SEO friendly in that market. Giving Google this important indicator of the relevance of your website to the query entered by the web user encourages Google to include your website when creating its rankings. But is it enough to convince the search giant? Let’s move on to the next step–optimizing your tags!

Our website translation services

Is your site designed with WordPress? Cultures Connection is an exclusive partner of the number one WordPress translation plugin on the market: WPML. This makes translating your website a piece of cake, allowing us to both translate your content and easily incorporate it into your site. Cultures Connection can also translate your website content regardless of the text format (Word, Excel, plain text, etc.) or the CMS you use (Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.), or even directly from your site’s HTML code.

Our other multilingual seo and digital marketing services

In addition to our professional website translation services, Cultures Connection also offers the following services:

  • Meta tags optimization: Our SEO experts create or edit the tags to be used on your website’s HTML pages –title, meta-descriptions, H1 headers, and so on– in order to improve its ranking within the search engine results.
  • Link building strategy: We identify the backlinks –external links to your site from other websites– which are most likely to boost your popularity.
  • SEO copywriting: Our multilingual SEO copywriters will write localized and SEO friendly contents for you.

Satisfied clients across all industries

Our portfolio of translation projects includes content from many websites, e-commerce sites and online platforms, etc., for institutions as varied as the FAO, UN, the French Public Health Insurance (CPAM), etc., as well as major companies such as SANOFI, JACADI, MIRAKL, and more.

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