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Multilingual website, localized and seo translations: a cornerstone of your international growth

If you have read our page SEO Translation, you know that:
– presenting your website in the language of your prospects curries their favor as they very much prefer to read in their own mother tongue
– localizing your translations – in other words, adapting your wording to the local specifics of your target audience – ensures you are properly understood and helps you avoid linguistic and cultural blunders
– optimizing your translations for search engines – that is, using the same words your users do when searching the web – improves the chances your site will appear in Google’s results when users enter a relevant search
It’s a great start. But your site still has a few more steps to climb to be ranked within Google’s first few pages of results. Next up? Optimizing your meta tags.

Optimizing your website’s meta tags

Google uses a range of indicators available online to identify your site as a relevant response to a search query entered by a web user. As we’ve seen, the first of these indicators is whether the string searched for is found in your website’s content. The second indicator that is visible to Google is whether the search query appears in your site’s meta tags.

There are several types of meta tags:
– The title and meta-description tags, which tell Google the type of content on each of your pages. These tags are very important as Google will also use them when presenting your website in its search results.

– Your headers tags (h1, h2, etc.) provide your site with a hierarchical structure that tells Google which parts of the content are most important to you. On paper, you would organize your content using titles, chapters, subtitles, sub-subtitles, etc. On your website, you indicate your main title using the h1 tag, subtitles with the h2 tag, and so on. A string that appears in an h1 tag should therefore contain your most important keywords.
– Alt tags are used to tell Google the content of your site’s images.

Over time, and due to changes in Google’s algorithm, the impact of each of these meta tags in Google’s rankings has changed, with the meta-description tag becoming less important, for example.

Filling in these tags with the words which you have identified as most commonly used by your prospects is an essential step to lend credibility to your site in Google’s eyes and therefore increase your chances of being selected for its crucial final rankings.

Culture Connection’s international SEO experts will create all your meta tags and incorporate them into your website. They will also optimize your URLs based on the same principle: if the URLs include your keywords, it’s one more positive indicator in Google’s eyes.

Congratulations! You’ve now significantly increased your search rank score. Ready for more? Then head over to our backlinks optimization section!

Our website translation services

Is your site designed with WordPress? Cultures Connection is an exclusive partner of the number one WordPress translation plugin on the market: WPML. This makes translating your website a piece of cake, allowing us to both translate your content and easily incorporate it into your site.

Cultures Connection can also translate your website content regardless of the text format (Word, Excel, plain text, etc.) or the CMS you use (Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.), or even directly from your site’s HTML code.

Our other multilingual SEO and digital marketing services

  • SEO translations
    Our SEO specialists identify the main keywords that are relevant to your business and target market(s), and provide the translator with a glossary of strings to use in order of priority.
  • Link building strategy
    We identify the backlinks (external links to your site from other websites) which are most likely to boost your popularity.
  • SEO copywriting
    Our multilingual SEO copywriters will write localized and SEO friendly contents for you.

Satisfied clients across all industries

Our portfolio of translation projects includes content from many websites, e-commerce sites and online platforms, etc., for institutions as varied as the FAO, UN, the French Public Health Insurance (CPAM), etc., as well as major companies including SANOFI, JACADI, MIRAKL, and others.

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