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Environment and energy translation agency

Looking for quality translation services in the field of environment and energy? Cultures Connection is the translation agency that takes care of the multilingual translation of all your projects related to the environment and energy sector. Our translation agency assists multilingual communication of institutions and companies that need a translation service and are committed, for example, to sustainable development and clean energy. Climate change and environmental concerns are central on all continents and a great movement has been set in motion to find global and effective solutions.

Translations of documents in the environmental, energy and green economy fields are increasingly in demand from and into English and other common languages to the rarest languages. In recent years, the creation of new services and new professions, known as green professions, has accelerated, as have the development of new environmental standards, new legislation, less polluting energy sources, sustainable transport projects, exhibitions on biodiversity and ecological art. Environmental issues involve many sectors of activity, and therefore require the versatility of the language experts who offer their services. Environmental translations cover many fields: agriculture, energy, transportation, health, telecom, law, biochemistry, construction, and engineering. Environmental innovations, protection approaches, legislation and standards vary from country to country (or state to state in the case of the United States), as does the implementation of environmental policies. For all these reasons, you need industry professionals for your projects.

Do you need a translation in the field of the environment? Renewable energy? Social responsibility? Call on our pool of French-English environmental and energy translators. If your company needs a translation into another target language, we also have the solution. Our translation agency has assembled a multilingual team of translators trained in translation and science.

Do you need translators who specialize in environmental issues?

Our environmental and energy translators have all the technical, legal and literary knowledge necessary to do a high-quality job. Each translator translates into their native language per the international quality standards. Our professional team keeps on acquiring new skills and continues to update its knowledge of innovations in each field. A special expertise in environmental and energy issues is required. One needs also to master the terminology on these subjects, both the vocabulary for general public content and the technical vocabulary of companies or the scientific vocabulary of researchers. Indeed, the content can target different audiences and address a multitude of topics. Documents to be translated deal with positive and promising aspects for the environment, such as marine geothermal energy and wave power, innovations in recycling with the optimization of waste management, organic farming or even sustainable agriculture. Sometimes, the texts or audiovisual contents concern ecological problems, for example the plastic continent that drifts floating waste and microplastics, soil erosion, endangered fauna, pesticides, epidemics.

A number of useful resources help translators and editors stay well-informed. There are professional translators’ associations that offer targeted training courses –such as “translating sustainable development”– as well as the websites and public portals of public institutions, scientific research centers and institutes, NGOs and associations. Our team of translators can translate your texts on climate change, the decarbonization of the economy, green growth, energy planning, and the protection of natural heritage. We will get you the best professional translator for a great environmental translation service!

Our experience in the environment and energy industry

Our translation agency offers you its expertise for translations in the environment and energy sector. Our team can translate your documents from French into English and into the languages of the European Union and the main languages of the rest of the world. Providing translation services for brochures, catalogs, notices and websites for our clients who are actors in sustainable development is also a way for us to contribute to a virtuous circle. And to participate in the ecological transition and best practices by disseminating information and environmental and energy solutions to as many people as possible.

Our clients entrust us with interpretation and translation projects because they know that our translation agency provides quality services. International organizations, ministries, local authorities, companies, non-governmental associations and universities trust us to translate the contents of their projects. This is the case for the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the V20 group with the Climate Vulnerability Forum, but also for an American company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, an NGO dedicated to off-grid solar energy or an association whose work is dedicated to the protection of the ocean. Our agency also translates projects and work from leading universities and laboratories at the forefront of pollution (and cleanup) research.

Looking for a more comprehensive source of information about our experience in the industry? Check out our client project stories on the subject in the resources section of our site.

Quality translation of multiple types of documents

With professional translation and interpreting services for the environment sector, the Cultures Connection team is pleased to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the environmental sector. Whether you need a document translation into French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian or another language, contact us and we will deliver the best service! Each year, our translation agency provides translations from English or from other languages in a wide variety of languages for your documents in the fields of environment and energy, such as:

– environmental impact studies and study reports, technical opinions;

– ethical charters and environmental standards, best practice guides, environmental planning documents

– commission recommendations, strategies, action plans;

– forms, tender documents, presentations, advertisements;

– organic product catalogs and sheets, databases, fact sheets;

– press releases, speeches, news, newsletters;

– contracts, partnerships, agreements, measures, financing files for energy and environmental projects;

– translation and localization of your website, applications and platforms;

– subtitling of documentaries, courses and training, interviews, marketing videos, communication campaigns;

– intellectual property: patents, descriptions, summaries.

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