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Subtitles or dubbing in Japanese. For your English-Japanese audiovisual translation services, we have the expert you need.
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Some of our clients are:
If you have any type of multimedia project in English and you want to broadcast it in Japan, only one solution is available to you: audiovisual translation into Japanese. At Cultures Connection, my colleagues and I form a team of professionals in the translation industry. By entrusting your media to us, you are sure to obtain an optimal result perfectly adapted to the Japanese public. In addition to our language skills, we have proven expertise in the audiovisual field and a thorough knowledge of the culture and customs of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Our expert's advice  -  Yuuto, Japanese Translator, audiovisual translation specialist

English Japanese subtitling services

Would you like to broadcast your documentary or commercial in Japan? Our team of audiovisual translators can help you with the distribution of your audio and video documents on the Japanese archipelago. These media are very diverse: advertising videos, films, documentaries, corporate videos. Demand is constant and in response, Cultures Connection is surrounded by audiovisual specialists and qualified technicians in order to work on any support and thus meet all your needs.

Looking for a subtitling company?

Subtitles, voiceover, dubbing…Whatever your project, with our translation services you are guaranteed high quality subtitling services in Japanese. For Japanese subtitling, our professional translators transcribe the text, synchronize the subtitles with the sound, translate them and adapt them. Dubbing is a more constraining service because, in addition to translating the content and adapting it to the speaking time, as with voiceover, the lips of the protagonists have to stick to the new script.  Our Japanese  English or English Japanese translators help you to export your video or audio documents to other markets.

Your audiovisual documents in Japanese

The subtitling services that we offer correspond to a wide range of materials. You’ll find below a list of examples of materials that Cultures Connection has previously translated:

  • Commercial and advertising videos
  • Corporate films
  • Institutional videos
  • Audio texts
  • Documentaries
  • Video games
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