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You want to have your multimedia content translated?
Cultures Connection offers English-Dutch audiovisual translation services: subtitles, voice over, transcriptions.

Some of our clients are:
This is an ideal way for your company to be visible to as many people as possible. Are you planning to publish a video in the Netherlands? If so, you will have to go through a mandatory step: the translation of your content into Dutch. Subtitling, voice over, transcription... The options are varied and numerous. In any case, this exercise can never be carried out by a translator without expertise in this field. You will need an experienced professional translator who specializes in the translation of multimedia materials. As a project manager, my job is to find the best language service providers for your translation projects.
Our expert's advice  -  Julien, Project Manager, audiovisual translation specialist

English Dutch subtitling services

More and more companies rely on specialized audiovisual translators in to transcribe their materials. The materials are adapted to a new language and a new culture so as to reach a wider public. These materials come in many forms; it may well be films, documentaries or even advertisements. The process to translate these documents is not always the same and can vary from one document to another. Subtitling is a complicated task that must be done by professionals.

Looking for a professional subtitling company?

Thanks to its extensive experience in the industry, Cultures Connection specializes, among others things, in subtitling, voiceover and dubbing in Dutch, as well as in other translation services. These formulas give different results and are not compatible with all audiovisual materials. With subtitling, you can keep the original version and you can save time and money. Dubbing is a little more laborious as a task because it consists of replacing the audio track with another track in the target language. Audiovisual translators must therefore match the lip movements of the protagonist to the translated dialogue. For all of these reasons, it is important to entrust this work to an English Dutch or Dutch English translator specialized in subtitling.

Your audiovisual materials in Dutch

Our translation agency offers subtitling services in Dutch for a wide range of audio and video materials. You will find a list of some of these materials below:

  • Commercial and advertising videos
  • Corporate films
  • Institutional videos
  • Audio texts
  • Documentaries
  • Video games
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