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Cultures Connection offers English-French audiovisual translation services: transcriptions, subtitling, voice over.
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Audiovisual translation requires many technical and adaptive skills in order to produce foreign versions of your media as faithfully as possible. If your goal is to reach the French-speaking public, have all your audio or video media translated into French by an industry expert. When you call on a professional, you can be sure that your project will be translated respecting the original version and according to the broadcasting standards specific to the country concerned.
Our expert's advice  -  Kiara, French Translator, audiovisual translation specialist

English French subtitling services: a multilingual version of your media

Why do a translation of your audiovisual material into French? The answer is simple. Whether it is for television, Internet, cinema or companies, using subtitles and voiceover enables your media to reach a larger proportion of the general public. If you want your business to become international, you must go through the inevitable process of subtitling and dubbing your videos. In all its forms, audiovisual translation in French is a particularly complex technical task. That is why you have to take the time to choose the translation company that will best meet your needs.

Our subtitling services translation agency

With extensive experience in the area of audiovisual translation and subtitling, as well as other translation services, Cultures Connection works with many English-French and French-English translators. They were selected because they excel in their field. They are highly qualified and are therefore able to transcribe your videos and audio texts accurately so they can become accessible to everyone. We provide different types of audiovisual services: transcriptions, time tracking, translation and adaptation of subtitles, voiceover…You can rely on us to meet your expectations.

Our audiovisual materials in French

We transcribe, as accurately as possible, all types of audiovisual documents:

  • Commercial and advertising videos
  • Corporate films
  • Institutional videos
  • Audio texts
  • Documentaries
  • Video games

 Subtitling services in all languages

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