Translation and Subtitles for a Film Festival

Client: FIFAC – The Amazon-Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival (French Guyana).

Industry: Audiovisual and Arts.

Needs: Transcription, translation and subtitles –time coding, synchronization et embedding– of films (features and short films) screened at an international Film Festival that takes place every year in French Guyana.

Volume: Several features and short films of the 2020, 2021 et 2022 editions of the festival, with a run time from fifteen minutes up to two hours.

Our Solutions: Our translation agency puts together a team of audiovisual translation experts every year for this client. FIFAC is an international Film Festival created in partnership with France Télévisions, that takes place in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, in French Guyana.

The countries where the films are shot vary every year, and can include Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador or Jamaica. This is why we have been using audiovisual translators whose native language is either Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), English or even Caribbean English Creole. The topics covered and the areas to which they relate are diverse. That’s why project managers make sure that audiovisual translators are familiar with the field of the film that needs subtitles. For example, one documentary film follows two women committed to counter the impact of mining in the Amazon region: the pollution, violence and destruction of the natural habitat caused by mineral exploitation.

Our team provided an audio transcription service, a subtitles translation service and a time coding service. A synchronization and embedding service followed, also provided by Cultures Connection. The last step included an essential quality control so as to ensure that subtitled films were ready for viewing at the festival. And ready of course to be added on video platforms and published afterwards on social networks!

Our translation agency Cultures Connection is proud to contribute to the success of such a unique event, which brings together both professionals and amateurs in documentary filmmaking. Moreover the goal is to disseminate knowledge about culture, environment, social and political issues of the huge Amazon and Caribbean area.

Whether you need subtitles, transcription or other audiovisual services, contact us!

Source language: Spanish
Target language: French
Field: Audiovisual
Service: Subtitles
Cultures Connection

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