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Translation and Subtitling Fashion Videos into English

Client: McCann, from US

Industry: Fashion and Luxury

Needs:  Translation and subtitling video rushes from various languages into English

Our Solution:

Our recent translation project was carried out in partnership with a well-known company in the fashion and luxury goods industry. Our objective was to translate and subtitle video rushes from various languages into English, in order to facilitate their distribution to an international audience. The source languages for this project included Indonesian (Bahasa), Brazilian, Thai, Arabic and Mexican.

The task

Our main task was to translate the source-language video rushes into English, while incorporating subtitles for better comprehension. Each source language presented its own linguistic and cultural challenges, and our team of professional translators worked with precision to maintain quality and consistency throughout the project.

Indonesian (Bahasa), Brazilian, Thai, Arabic and Mexican into English

We approached each source language with the same level of professional commitment. Each stage of the translation was carried out with a thorough understanding of the culture and language of origin, while preserving the essence and original message of the videos.

The value of subtitles

Adding English subtitles to each video was essential to make the content accessible to a wider, international audience. The subtitles enhanced the visual and auditory understanding of the videos, while providing a more immersive viewing experience.


This multilingual translation project for the fashion and luxury goods industry was successfully completed thanks to our team of experienced translators and our commitment to quality. Each video was translated with precision, taking into account the cultural and linguistic specificities of each source language.

If you’re looking for professional translation services for your business in the fashion and luxury sector, we’re ready to meet your needs. Our linguistic expertise and experience in translating multimedia content will enable you to share your message with a global audience effectively and efficiently.

Source language: Spanish
Target language: English
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