Subtitles for a French Business School

Translation and Subtitling for a French Business School

Client: HEC Paris, in France.

Industry: Higher education.

Needs: Transcription, English to French or Spanish translation, subtitling –including timing and synchronization– of videos, ordinarily educational content, sometimes marketing content.

Volume: 26 minute to 5 hour videos for course materials, 1 to 6 minute videos for marketing content.

Our Solutions: For several years now, our translation agency has built up a team of professional translators specialized in the audiovisual field for this client, a French business school. This Business school offers classes in Economics and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, or Media and Arts.

Because this top-ranked business school teaches courses in English with subtitled materials in specialized fields of study, our translators know the content topics very well. Videos that need subtitles can deal with corporate performance management, corporate environment, adaptive leadership, financial accounting, corporate strategy and policy, or digital transformation management. For this reason, the project manager ensures that the audiovisual translators are familiar with the content area to be subtitled. For example, the videos can pertain to climate change and its influence on the business environment, technological acceleration, corporate sustainability goals, or how artificial intelligence can help manage biodiversity.

During the course of our audiovisual translation projects, depending on the needs of the teachers or the communication team, our agency has been working with various audiovisual translators depending on the languages requested by the client. Indeed, some subtitles have to be created or translated by translators whose native language is English –most often American English–, French and sometimes Spanish.

Our team provides a transcription service from the video content, a translation service, and a subtitle creation service with a timing service. The final step consists in the essential quality control step, so as to verify that the subtitled content is ready for use or broadcast.

At Cultures Connection, we are proud to contribute to spreading knowledge among French and foreign students who are studying in a school with a great international reputation.

If you need subtitles, transcriptions or other services in the audiovisual field, contact our translation agency!

Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Education
Service: Subtitles
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