Cultures Connection acompañó a Madolaz en su visita a la 31 ª edición de la feria Luxe Pack Mónaco

Interpretation: The perfect accessory for any luxury fair

Cultures Connection offered its interpretation services to the Spanish company Madolaz as they attended Luxe Pack, a Monaco exhibition of luxury accessories.

Cultures Connection accompanied the Spanish textile company Madolaz on their visit to the 31st Luxe Pack Monaco fair, which brought together the biggest names in luxury accessories for a three day exhibition from the 1st to the 3rd October. One of our interpreters worked to facilitate communication between the company executives and their French equivalents, aiding them in gaining a deeper understanding of the industry and strengthening their relationships with colleagues from other countries.

The event took place in the impressive Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, hosting over 9,000 attendees. Experts in the sector, as well as businessmen of other areas, had the opportunity to wander and ask questions relating to the industry at more than 450 individual stands belonging to businesses from 30 countries worldwide, who presented their products and services involved in the world of packaging. The various floors of the Grimaldi Forum were teaming with a wide range of bows, both elastic and for wrapping, just one product among the mass of decorations that were on display, ready to add that unique touch to perfume bottles, chocolate boxes or even the case for a new watch or piece of jewellery.

Luxe Pack also organised a series of conferences for experts in business, marketing and sustainability in order to answer any concerns or demands that relevant companies may have had. The rich discussion covered topics such as sustainable development for industrial initiatives, the progress of new technologies and the use of digital solutions and how to make the presentation of products personal.

Since 1987, Madolaz has manufactured textile and packaging accessories of the highest quality, such as ribbons, flowers, pompoms, metal decorations and cords, for clients in 20 countries. The company, whose headquarters are based in Malaga, attended the event with the aim of updating their knowledge of current trends within the sector and strengthen ties with their colleagues and potential clients and suppliers. “We help our clients to understand and express their working and business needs”, explained Charles Borgmann, Project Manager at Cultures Connection.

Unwrapping the gift of communication

Cultures Connection’s service consisted of liaison interpreting between the directors of Madaloz and the multinational business leaders who were present at the event. “The job consisted of accompanying the client to the exhibition to visit the stands together and translate the questions and answers that were raised between them and the exhibitors.”, explained Borgmann.

Liaison interpreting is known to be used in informal environments that encourage contact and allow for direct links to be established between the speakers. It is a simple method that is suitable for brief exchanges between a few people and it does not require technical equipment.

For this occasion, the efforts of the interpreter were focused on fluently using business language and the specific technical vocabulary of the products that the Spanish company markets.

The interpretation was carried out from English and French to Spanish, and vice versa. The presence of an international audience meant that this was extended to other languages, “Interpretation was also carried out from Italian and German into Spanish. This service was not included but we did it with pleasure”, the Project Manager added. This perfectly tied up all the loose ends so that Madolaz could make the most out of their business trip to Monaco.

Translation into English: Madeleine Hancock and William Steel

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This article has been written by Gonzalo Olaberría

Before starting as a Digital Content Manager at Cultures Connection, he worked in Argentina as a journalist for national newspapers and magazines, and as a consultant in political and corporate communication.