Car factory worker

Interpreting services for the automotive industry

Once again, Cultures Connection provided professional interpreting services, this time for an interpreting mission in a car factory, for several days.

Interpreting for a training

Cultures Connection was called in by an Italian company for a training session on fluid filling at the plant of a major French car manufacturer belonging to the PSA Group, near Paris. The company needed French and Italian interpreting services to ensure the best possible understanding and communication between participants during the on-site training. The Italian company has been in the automation business for over 40 years and specializes in creating innovative solutions and systems for the automotive market, especially for filling fluids.

The aim of this training was to present new filling devices designed by the client. The installations displayed during this training were a robotized device for automatic fuel dispensing and another one for windshield washer fluid dispensing, involving a control cabinet device and various access systems. Throughout the training, the essential points regarding the operation of the robots and safety were discussed, to allow a complete knowledge of the devices operation.

Professional preparedness

To carry out this mission, our translation agency called on one of its best interpreters in this field. Having an invaluable experience in consecutive interpreting in the technical field and a degree from the Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction –Institute for Interpreting and Translation– in Paris, our interpreter had the perfect profile for this job. The client required the presence of the interpreter full time for nine days in November, either during the day or at night (10:00 pm to 6:00 am).

As is often the case with this type of intervention in a factory, the Cultures Connection interpreter was there to establish direct contact between the participants. Consecutive interpreting requires careful note-taking and an unfailing memory, as the message has to be transcribed accurately, without leaving out any details. Prior to the training, the client provided the interpreter with a reference document so that she could familiarize herself with the subject matter beforehand. This multi-page document, which outlined the procedure for the intervention and included the operating steps of the robots, graphics and photos associated with the devices, as well as the key words required for the training, allowed the interpreter to be fully prepared for the topics that would be covered, to review the specialized terms used in the automotive industry, and to write notes and a glossary in order to be equipped on the day.

How did this assignment go?

This training in the automotive sector required advanced technical skills, and Cultures Connection had to be up to the task in order to provide high quality services. Indeed, it is not enough to master the source and target languages, because in the technical field the vocabulary and terms to be used are precise and concrete. This type of interpretation requires both linguistic and technical skills. That is why our translation agency makes it a point of honor to choose perfectly competent professionals who not only have the required diplomas but also proven professional experience.

Very satisfied with the work of our Italian and French interpreter, our client once again requested her skills for a two-day interpreting mission in December.

For Cultures Connection, it is always an honor to see a job well done recognized and appreciated!


Laura Le Galliot

This article has been written by Marilène Haroux

Marilène was previously an Academic and a Translator. At Cultures Connection she used to be the Vendor Manager as well as Bid Manager. Now Marilène is the Bid and Communications Manager.