Legal translation of a contract for a transportation company

Legal Translation of a Contract for a Transportation Company

Client: TMF Operating, from France.

Industry: Legal

Needs:  Translation from English into French of a contract for the provision of transportation services.

Volume: 4105 words.

Our Solutions:

TMF Operating provides material handling and transportation, storage, packaging and order picking services, both by road and by sea. For the translation of a contract for the provision of transport services with an international client, we turned to Cultures Connection, which has been working in the legal field for more than 10 years.

The main difficulty in these cases is the passage of legal concepts and terminology. Judicial principles may differ from one country to another or not find equivalents from one language to another. In this case, the translation was from English into French of a legal document signed between companies belonging to European Union countries.

The translation agency’s professional translator had to be very knowledgeable in legal matters in order to adapt into French all the information in the contract regarding the tasks involved in the work, the delivery dates and the remuneration for the service rendered.

In addition, the contract provided details regarding the law and place of jurisdiction, invoicing conditions, the liability of each party, the insurance covering the provision of services, and sections on penalties and termination of the contract.

Ultimately, Cultures Connection’s experience ensured that the contract was translated quickly and effectively to expedite the commencement of business between the parties.

Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Business
Cultures Connection

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