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Translation into Dutch of product descriptions for a major online retailer

Client: Fnac Darty.

Industry: Retail & e-shopping.

Needs: Weekly translation of products descriptions from French into Belgian Dutch (Flemish) to be published on the client’s e-commerce website.

Volume: An average of 37.000 words each week. The content is included in Excel sheets.

Our Solutions: From the beginning of the project several months ago, a project manager dedicated to the client put together a team of several professional translators with the help of the vendor manager. These translators are native speakers of Flemish and familiar with the linguistic and cultural specificity of Belgium. Moreover, they all are translators who specialize in online commerce and distribution. The vocabulary in the content to be translated is diverse and can sometimes be very technical. Indeed product descriptions are about sports goods, clothing, furniture, luggage, leather goods, light fixtures, tools, but also the unmissable scooters and electric bikes! A product sheet includes the product’s description, and depending on the product, the marketing argument, technical specifications, measurements, details on the item’s materials, and so on. As we complete translations each week, the terminology memory is enriched thanks to the most effective translation tools used by our translation company. For the client, this is a real plus in terms of consistency and quality assurance.

Thanks to Cultures Connection’s quality translation service –which is systematically checked and approved– the product descriptions are ready to be put online on the client’s Belgian website.

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Source language: French
Target language: Dutch
Field: Business
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