Marketing translation in several languages for an agency

Marketing Translation in Several Languages for an Agency

Client: Alezane, from Canada.

Industry: Marketing

Needs:  Translation of advertising material from English into Spanish, German and Dutch.

Volume: 100 words.

Our Solutions:

Cultures Connection and Alezane have worked together on numerous communication, marketing and design projects that required translations in several languages and for which Alezane did not have the resources to do the work in-house.

For an alcoholic beverage brand that had commissioned Alezane to create and write a slogan and ingredient list descriptions, Cultures Connection performed the adaptation from English into Spanish, German and Dutch.

The marketing translator does not translate words from one language to another, he or she has the job of creating a new advertising text, because each language is part of a culture with different views and ways of life that can make concepts or expressions vary.

It is not enough for a text to be understood by an audience; it must represent and appeal to them so that they feel attracted by the message. If this job is well done, interest in the brand and the products or services presented will be guaranteed.

In this case, Cultures Connection articulated the work with three professionals for each language, so that the advertising material would maintain a coherence that represented the alcoholic beverage brand and the product to be presented, according to the plans that Alezane had thought of for the company.

Source language: English
Target language: Spanish
Field: Marketing
Cultures Connection

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