Translation of tourist accommodation website from English into Spanish and Portuguese

Translation of Tourist Accommodation Website from English into Spanish and Portuguese

Client: Selina, from Panama.

Industry: Website

Needs:  Translation of website content from English into Portuguese and Spanish.

Volume: Between 500 and 5000 words, according to the project.

Our Solutions: 

It was customary for Selina to enlist the expertise of Cultures Connection to enhance its website. The company ventured into the hospitality industry in Panama in 2014, and swiftly expanded its operations across Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Consequently, it necessitated translations of its web content in multiple languages.

Cultures Connection boasts a wealth of experience in website translation services. The agency employs highly skilled translators who are native speakers of the target languages, well-versed in the client’s industry, and possess knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensuring that the content effectively reaches its intended audience, conforming to search engine requirements.

Selina has solicited Cultures Connection on numerous occasions to translate its web content promoting its services across different cities worldwide from English into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. The challenge in these instances was to discern the particular nuances of American Spanish and Portuguese, so that the texts incorporate the expressions, words, and codes used by their respective speakers, thus enabling them to relate to and resonate with the messages.

The target audience was equally specific, comprising of discerning travelers seeking accommodation not only for leisure but also for work purposes, commonly known as digital nomads.

Cultures Connection, with its offices in South America and Europe, and a network of over 500 translators worldwide, proved to be the optimal translation agency for these projects.

Source language: English
Target language: Spanish
Field: Website
Cultures Connection

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