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Based in France, Argentina and the US, Cultures Connection is a translation agency that offers professional translation services, interpreting services, SEO content writing, subtitling and also language courses. At Cultures Connection, the quote is free and is done in 24 hours for complex projects and within two hours for more simple projects. Its team creates many quotes on a daily basis and is therefore aware that customers require clarification when evaluating the services offered and their cost.

How to understand a translation quote?

To create a translation quote, we take into account a number of elements on which the price of the service will depend on:

The format of the document: reproducing the format of a document can be complex and time consuming. For example, if the document to be translated contains graphics or images, producing a translated version will require more work ;
The volume: it also determines the final price. This calculation is done on the basis of the number of words, number of pages or if the document doesn’t provide this information (e.g. an image), we make an estimate that we adjust once the translation is finished;
The repetitions: all files previously translated for the same client are taken into account. If the content of these files is repeated, it gives rise to significant discounts;
The urgency of the translation: in order to make an urgent translation, our translators have to work nights, weekends and sometimes have to interrupt an ongoing project;
The language combination: it also influences the price. The stranger the language is, the higher the price of the translation will be. As an example, a translation into Latin languages is cheaper than into Germanic languages;
The degree of technical content: the more technical your documents, the higher the price;
The level of service desired: for example if you want to have your translation reviewed and/or proofread by a second translator;
Sworn translation: for that we need to hire a sworn translator who’ll take full responsibility for the work;
The DTP: creating new graphs, tables or pictures creates extra work.

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