Technical translations

Multilingual technical translations in the thermal industry

Client: Lethiguel, in France.

Sector: Industrial goods.

Needs: Translation and revision of technical content concerning heating and cooling devices for the foundry industry and recycling plants. Depending on the project, the source language is either French or English, and the target languages are German, Portuguese (form Portugal and Brazil), Romanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Russian, Turkish and Swedish.

Volume: Documents in Word or Excel format vary in length from 2,000 to 10,000 words. The most common content is at least 5,000 words.

Our Solutions: For this client, a French company with a global presence, specializing in industrial heating systems technology, the dedicated project manager organizes an optimal quality process. Indeed, the process includes first a translation of the content, followed by a revision of the translation by a second translator, and then followed by a proofreading by a third person for quality assurance. At the client’s request, we also provide a DTP service when needed.

For years now, this client has regularly called on our agency with the translation of various technical contents. The contents that we translate can be an operating manual, a maintenance manual, catalogs, procedures, system analyses, risk assessment files, or even content of the client’s multilingual website. The documents usually cover the industrial immersion heaters developed by our client. In order to satisfy the requirements of this manufacturer of industrial equipment for foundries and recycling plants, a team of professional technical translators was carefully selected. In addition to their translation degrees, our translators have either a technical translator’s certification following a training course, or have in-house experience in an industrial sector company. For example, a translator in our team has been employed in the past by two electrical companies. Another translator has worked in the aerospace, defense and nuclear industries. As a final example, one translator worked as an engineer for a major car manufacturer before focusing exclusively on translation. Not only do these translators master the appropriate technical terminology, but they are also very familiar with the client’s products.

Our professional translation services always bring complete satisfaction to our client. They renew their confidence in us over time.

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Source language: French
Target language: German
Field: Technical
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